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Watch: PN Administrative Committee declares unanimous support for Adrian Delia

Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 16:16 Last update: about 2 years ago

Kevin Schembri Orland and Rebekah Cilia

The Nationalist Party’s Administrative Committee on Wednesday unanimously declared its support towards Opposition Leader Adrian Delia, the party said in a statement, adding that the committee had also categorically condemned the “coordinated and malicious” attacks being mounted against Delia and the party.

The PN said the committee had also discussed and approved a number of new candidates for the upcoming local council elections.


Earlier, several high ranking PN officials insisted that Adrian Delia’s situation was not on the agenda, when quizzed by journalists as they entered Dar Centrali to attend the meeting.

The statement was read out to journalists by PN Secretary General Clyde Puli, who would not say when the party's Executive Committee and Parliamentary Group would meet. 

In comments to The Malta Independent after the meeting, Delia said he was overwhelmed by the support shown by both the Administrative Committee and the grassroots over the past days.

Asked if he believed he also had the backing of the PN's Executive Committee and the Parliamentary Group, Delia said that is something that should be asked to the committees. 

Speaking to journalists before the 5pm meeting, Adrian Delia said he believed he had the support of the Administrative Committee.

Like other PN officials, Delia said that, until that point, there had been no request to discuss his situation, but said the members were free to discuss what they wanted.

Adrian Delia has been facing calls to resign ever since his estranged wife, with whom he is undergoing separation proceedings, claimed in court that he was abusive towards her and the couple's five children. The PN Leader vehemently denies the claims.

It had also been reported that Delia was refusing to convene the PN’s Parliamentary Group, its Executive Committee and its Administrative Committee.

The Administrative Committee met on Wednesday afternoon but a rumoured meeting of the Executive on Thursday has not been confirmed.

Asked if he expected his situation to be brought up during Wednesday’s meeting, and if he had the support of the committee members, Delia said he believed that he had their support, “as always.”

“I think everyone understands that my personal issues are of a personal nature and unless they hinder me from performing my duties – which is not the case, because I am working even harder and with more commitment – I don’t think they should be of concern to the people around me.”

Asked when he would be convening the Parliamentary Group, Delia said the PN MPs met whenever there were any Parliamentary issues that needed to be discussed in detail.

“The last meeting of the Parliamentary Group was held on 27 December because the government, during the Christmas period, decided to give away a 30,000 square metre area (Corinthia), so we felt that we had to meet urgently,” Delia said.

Asked if he had a date for the next meeting, he said he did not.

Asked if, as head of the Parliamentary Group, it was his job to convene the MPs, Delia said the system did not work like that but added that he would have no problem in calling such a meeting.

Pressed on why he has not convened the MPs, Delia said he had not said that he would not convene the Parliamentary Group, but so far he did not feel the need for an urgent meeting, reiterating that the group only discussed issues related to Parliament.

Earlier, Delia was also asked on media reports that he has to pay €9,000 monthly in loan and spousal commitments. He said that he is sustaining these payments with the sale of his shares in the law firm he formed part of.

"If the party executive committee is to discuss my situation (Thursday) I would not have a problem with that since I am a public figure and public figures have to be scrutinised," he said, while not confirming that such a meeting would take place on Thursday.


Video: Alenka Falzon, Photos: Michael Camilleri

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