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Kickboxing: National Diploma for Master Noel Mercieca and athlete Samuele Andolina

Friday, 18 January 2019, 09:39 Last update: about 2 years ago

Matthew Brown

Master Noel Mercieca, founder and head coach at Ying Yang Team Noel Kickboxing Club Malta together with professional athlete Samuele Andolina just returned back to Malta after successfully completing a National Diploma in coaching in Venice, Italy under the wing of Master Alfio Romanut, renowned for coaching some of the world's best professional kickboxers such as Giorgio Petrosyan.

Mercieca and Andolina travelled a total of four times to Venice and underwent intensive training in coaching and perfecting the role of a cutman by giving medical assistance during competitions. They studied the anatomy of the human body and engaged in very high levels of physical training. In addition to that, they trained and perfected various fighting techniques and pad work training - something that these coaches will definitely find useful when training their students, some of which even represent Malta on a professional level.

This course was sanctioned by the National Democratic Body of Social Action known as 'ENDAS' (Ente Nazionale Democratico di Azione Sociale). Its main target is to focus on activities with regards to culture and entertainment, social, environment, sport, education, tourism and foreign affairs. Such a course is highly recognized around Europe especially several Italian ministries such as the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure amongst others. This certificate is recognized by several schools and universities as well as the Italian National Olympic Committee - 'CONI' (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano).

In fact, after the completion of the said Diploma, Noel Mercieca and Samuele Andolina are the only two instructors in Malta qualified enough to prepare kickboxers both mentally and physically for the Olympic Games if such a sport is introduced to the games in the near future. 



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