The Malta Independent 17 August 2019, Saturday

If for nothing else do it for the kids

Victor Calleja Sunday, 20 January 2019, 09:00 Last update: about 8 months ago

The idea of God - any god - has always frightened me. Is he really there? Are we just his playthings? Is he - or she or it or they - just a fairy-tale we fabricated to make our life easier and more meaningful? And if he does exist does he really care about us?

His story of Abraham - if the bible is, as we are told, Yahweh's own story - is ludicrous. I'm a terrible coward and would run a mile if anyone lifted a finger to hit me and I hate violence with a passion that is indescribable. Put me in Hebrew clothes, get God to appear to me, get him somehow to choose me and tell me to go and kill my son. I would risk his plagues, serpents and/or flooding and tell him to sod off.


Then I would walk away, hug my Isaac and to hell with gods or their demented demands.

For me, children come first in just about everything. I would not commit a crime in their name and I will never cover up for them if they commit a crime. Yet all my ambitions, all my dreams, would be shelved if they were going to affect my children badly - especially if they were still young and dependent upon me.

Children are a gift, whether from God or not is always a moot point, but even unwanted, abandoned children are, or can turn out to be, gifts.

Marital problems are a sad reality of life. Wives and husbands separate. Even with the most amicable of partings, children suffer from seeing this schism in their home. It remains a scar for life.

One of the cardinal rules during a separation is to protect the children as much as possible and it is for the children that Adrian Delia should resign - to save them even more scarring.

If a man is accused by his wife and children of domestic abuse it is of no interest to me or the public: if that man wasn't a public figure, all speculation about him and his wife and children would, or should, stop.

If Adrian Delia moves out of the public arena, nobody should feel justified in circulating anything connected to his separation. I, for one, would look away and ignore the allegations. If there is domestic violence, then let the authorities seek out the truth and hand out the right punishment.

But to let the children remain in this is beyond comprehension. It is beyond politics.

It is bad enough that, it is alleged, he did not discuss his leadership bid with his wife and children until after he had submitted his application. If that is true, there should rain on him a thousand plagues - because no political calling, no God calling, should come before the family, especially vulnerable little ones.

Now that he is the Leader of the Opposition and heading up the PN, he cannot allow his personal ambitions to guide and keep him in that position. The longer the children are subjected publicly to the war between him and his wife - with all its horrendous details - the worse it will be for the innocents.

If I were him and God - or all the gods - came down from the heavens and pleaded with me to remain Party Leader, I would tell him, or them, to sod off.

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