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Criminality in Malta decreases for second year running – Michael Farrugia

Albert Galea Friday, 1 February 2019, 15:24 Last update: about 6 years ago

Home Affairs and National Security Minister Michael Farrugia, addressing a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Floriana, said that he was "100% sure" that criminality in Malta has decreased for a second year running, with the statistics for criminality in Malta and Gozo for last year being finalised.

Farrugia was, along with Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds Aaron Farrugia, addressing a press conference explaining the latest investment that the police force had made through funds from the European Union.


The funds, which form part of what is called the Hercules Programme, tally up to a total of €1.5 million and pertain mainly to investments in software, hardware and training. 

Minister Farrugia explained that the police force had received €20 million in funds from the EU and that while criminality had decreased for the second year running, it was still happening.  This means that the need for investment is still ever-present. 

The initiative will relate to the setting up of a network of cameras in strategic areas and on the dashboards of cars so to gather information on and identify stolen vehicles or number plates, making it easier to fight such crimes.

"This is all part of our effort to not only combat and solve crime, but also to prevent it from happening in the first place," the Minister said.

Aaron Farrugia meanwhile explained that the Hercules Programme was one of 26 such programmes, and thanks most especially MEUSAC who have helped various different entities - including the police force - obtain €50 million in EU funds.

Photos by Michael Camilleri
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