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Eleanor Bezzina qualifies in 3 finals in 42nd edition of InterShoot in Netherlands

Edwin Vella Sunday, 10 February 2019, 09:00 Last update: about 7 months ago

The pistol shooter Eleanor Bezzina, just returned from the international indoor 10M Air Pistol and Air Rifle shooting competition InterShoot, which was held in The Hague, Netherlands.  During this annual event which marked its 42nd edition, each shooter had to compete in 3 competitions in 3 consecutive days.  257 shooters were representing 27 countries, from China, Egypt, India, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal, USA amongst others.


During each competition the shooters had to shoot 60 shots to rank the eight best shooters who qualify for the final.  In the final, each shooter starts from zero and shoots 2 series of 5 shots each, to be fired within 250 seconds per series.  This is followed by 14 single shots each fired on command with 50 seconds for each shot. Eliminations of the lowest scoring finalists begin after the tenth shot and continue after every two shots, until the gold and silver medalists are decided. There is a total of 24 finals shots.

Bezzina gave a very positive performance and managed to qualify for all of the 3 finals.  In Competition 1 she had a total score of 564 from 600 points where she qualified in 7th position.  During the final she advanced two places but could not make it to the first 3 positions.  In Competition 2 she had a strong performance and with a score of 575 she qualified in 2nd position.  She started very well in the final but a shot in the 8th ring left her out of the podium and was eliminated with a margin of 0.7 points and had to settle in 4th place.  In Competition 3 she had a total score of 569 where she qualified in 5th position.  In the final round she had two shots in the 8th ring which lead her to be eliminated and placed in 8th position.

All matches were held under the International Shooting Sport Federation rules. 

Competing in the InterShoot was possible thanks to the Maltese Olympic Committee. 

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