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Ariic has arrived at our shores

Friday, 29 March 2019, 08:50 Last update: about 12 months ago

Auto Sales Ltd - Kind's is proud to announce the arrival of their new brand Ariic.

Ariic is an established scooter manufacturer and is one of the first to launch a series of simple, stylish scooters to meet market demands. Over the past decade, Ariic has been committed to re-define the low displacement of two-wheeled transportation. What does this mean for you? To keep it simple, Ariic keeps you affordably mobile in today's ever-changing environment.

A selection of 5 affordable Ariic models is available to our market, which all benefit from a 24-month warranty. Starting at the most affordable model the Sunny 1, available on the road for a shocking low €1,850, is a legendary Italian style scooter which offers the perfect solution for bikers who are technological concerned.  The main features of the Sunny 1 include a magnetic combination lock to protect the key-hole, hence promoting scooter security, and the inclusion of a tubeless tyre ensuring a worry-free journey. With its streamlined body and irresistible retro styling, the Sunny 1 creates both a trendy and retro charm that is loved by all.

Ariic Lion 1, priced on the road at €1,900, is a strong and sturdy scooter which boasts minimal running costs. The 125cc, 4 stroke engines can transport you at speeds of up to 85 mph, which is more than adequate for island use and will help you beat those tailbacks.  It creates an overwhelming charm with its fashionable body design featuring an array of attractions - simple, silky body lines, a fashionable front design and a spacious saddle seat.

Matching in price is Ariic's Slingshot, which is a sporty, dynamic and autonomous scooter that has the power to make every ride memorable. The Slingshot is ready for you to unleash its potential. The main features of the Slingshot include a 125cc air-cooled engine providing superior fuel efficiency, a lightweight 118kg body for sporty handling, and a new design exuding high manoeuvrability.

Wing 8, priced on the road at €2,000, is aimed at a young demographic that wants to drive in style and enjoy the combination of exhilarating four-cylinder engine performance and a light, versatile, refined chassis handling. It is one of the largest scooters that Ariic has on offer, which also boasts front LED side lights. If you are after a sizeable scooter frame, the Wing 8 is the perfect scooter for you.

Finally, we look at Ariic's Lion 3, price on the road at a reasonable €2,050. It attracts a similar demographic of riders as that of the Lion 1. It features a retro-inspired scooter with real credibility and a head-turning style. Lion 3 also retains an electric start with kick backup. The Ariic Lion 3 125cc is a great new Euro 4 EFi scooter with superb ride position. It also boasts ample storage, which will comfortably fit your helmet under the seat. A great alternative for getting around, be it to work or university or simply exploring our islands.

To see the Ariic range in person, simply visit Auto Sales Ltd - Kinds, in Lija or online via

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