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Innovation lies at heart of a vision to take Malta to next level - Miriam Dalli

Saturday, 6 April 2019, 12:02 Last update: about 4 years ago

To continue strengthening a sustainable economy and services in different sectors, innovation lies at the heart of a vision to take Malta to the next level, MEP Miriam Dalli said during an activity in Gudja.

Dalli reiterated that innovation is the key for Malta to continue sustaining its economic rhythm and attract future industries.

“Innovation is the key for future economies. Additionally, for a long time, crafts and trade were sidelined but innovation plays a role here too to revitalise them. The global economy is becoming more innovative and it is the responsibility of our country to be at the forefront of that innovation,” the MEP said.


Dalli explained how innovation applies to a wide range of sectors, from sensors to machinery, to energy and smart grids, 3D printing, blockchain and more. Referring to discoveries made by Maltese developers and researchers, Miriam Dalli said that the talent in Malta needed to be encouraged and sustained.

She went on to propose five priority areas that would foster innovation, research and development growth in Malta and Gozo. These are: (i) increased investment in research and development, (ii)access to funds, (iii) educational programs, (iv)increased collaboration between researchers and (v)partnerships between universities and educational institutions, the private and public sectors - both at local level and even at European level.

Miriam Dalli explained how EU funds such as Horizon Europe help finance research and innovation projects, benefitting innovators who have concrete ideas, prototypes or developed projects seeking to enter the market.

"Thanks to the work done by the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, this fund is also aiming specifically at SMEs," Dalli said, who was among the MEPs in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy pushing for this.

Participating in this activity was also entrepreneur and fintech experts, Dr. Abdalla Kablan. He described Miriam Dalli as a politician who does not shy away from going against the current, be it in health, to combat discrimination or through the legislation she piloted to reduce CO2 emissions from cars.

"I believe that this law has opened the pathway towards ​innovation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain. For this innovation to happen we need politicians like Miriam who have a vision and believe in the need to invest in youths who are our future.”


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