The Malta Independent 19 September 2019, Thursday

PD says Qrendi local council candidate attacked outside his home

Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 11:02 Last update: about 6 months ago

Partit Demokratiku said that its Qrendi local council candidate, Charles Polidano, was physically assaulted just outside of his home in front of a friend and fellow resident.

This shows that the tyranny of intolerance is becoming bolder, PD said on its Facebook page. The attacker left no ambiguity that it was a politically motivated attack arising from Polidano's candidacy for the local council election on the PD ticket. A Police report was filed shortly after.

"This is yet another textbook example of the tragedy which grips our democracy, where it becomes clear how many people prefer not to voice their political opinions out of fear of physical, social and professional consequences. Instances like these continue to demonstrate how all who oppose the government are crushed under the boots of its partisan followers, who evidently fear no retribution for their bad behaviour," states deputy leader Timothy Alden.

"Refusing as always to be intimidated, Partit Demokratiku will continue to represent what is fair and what is right. Our Party is composed of members from all walks of life and all backgrounds, who have set aside their partisan, parochial and petty differences to come together to seek the best for our country. We have no monetary incentives, we owe nobody any favours and we are motivated by nothing more than love for our country. It is our duty and our desire that Malta and Gozo succeed, with neighbours at peace with one another. Partit Demokratiku wishes to be a builder of bridges, and prevent others from destroying them, by pursuing meritocracy and ensuring that everyone is equal before the law," Party Leader Godfrey Farrugia said.

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