The Malta Independent 20 August 2019, Tuesday

€100 million investment in infrastructure by GO

Jeremy Micallef Thursday, 25 April 2019, 13:22 Last update: about 5 months ago

The only way to future proof Malta, and to be able to handle the growth in data, is to invest in a state-of-the-art fibre-to-the-home network, CEO of GO Nikhil Patil said.

Speaking at a press conference in which Go announced an investiment of 100 million euros in its infrastructure, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat expressed that he is happy to see that this is not only focused around no no-brainer areas where there are business hubs, but also directly to the Maltese people.


“For all the talk of autonomous vehicles and future technologies at the end of the day, the technology is useless unless it goes to the community directly.”

Muscat insisted that communications services are the backbone of today’s thriving economy, and that it was them those services and the infrastructure that drive innovation.

“This is significant, not only because it caters for our growing demands today, but it is a technology that is setting Malta up for the next 100 years.”

This, he explained, is putting Malta on track to be on of the first EU Member States to achieve full true fibre coverage and to reach the Digital Agenda Targets.

“We have been a prime example, setting the standards across Europe in many cases. Most Government services are now available online – at the click of a button.”

Muscat maintained that despite the right policies and strategies being put in place to push Malta towards becoming the blockchain island and AI centre of excellence will not be possible if it were not for a resilient and reliable communications infrastructure, and without the continuous private investment and continued close collaboration between government and the private industry.

Patil went on to explain that, to date, more than 85,000 homes are connected through this technology, and they are working around the clock to expedite the process so that every house and business can benefit from the best technology on the market.

“We expect at least 100,000 homes, the equivalent of approximately 50% of Malta and Gozo, to be covered by the end of 2019, with full nationwide coverage by 2024.”


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