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Indepth: Motorsport track could lead to more responsible driving on the roads

INDEPTH online Friday, 26 April 2019, 08:08 Last update: about 5 years ago

Speaking on this week's episode of Indepth, the Executive Chairman of Malta Road Safety Council Pierre Vella said the proposed race track could provide the necessary driving experience people need and also lead to more responsible driving on the road.

Earlier this month Architecture firm Periti Studio unveiled a proposal for a motorsport race track at Hal Far.

Vella said the race track, where people would be provided with the proper safety measures and equipment to ensure that they can enjoy racing and speeding in a safe environment, can lead to better everyday driving.


“Once people experience driving in this environment, they will learn to appreciate the difference between driving on a track and driving on a road,” Vella said.

He also explained that there must be more education and training for drivers to fully understand safety measures on the road. “If I am still young and I bought a very powerful car, what experience do I have to handle such a car?”

Vella said that, abroad, when someone buys a car they are fully informed about all the safety features of the vehicle. This helps drivers react better when encountering bad weather, an accident or tricky driving conditions.

Drivers in Malta lack training, he said, not just for obtaining a licence but also when it comes to refreshing drivers’ memory on safety and legislation. "These courses could save lives.”



The starting point of the discussion on the recent road accident fatalities should be the fact that a family has been destroyed, and not on statistics that do not portray the full picture of the destruction caused by such incidents, according to Pierre Vella, Executive Chairman of the Malta Road Safety Council.

Vella, who was interviewed on Indepth by The Malta Independent News Editor Neil Camilleri, was asked whether there is a link between recent accidents and the numerous road works that are currently underway.

Reference was made to the recent accident in Mgarr, which claimed the lives of two women and injured several others.

Vella also insisted that drivers need to slow down and pay attention to traffic signs when encountering road works.  "Irrespective of what kind of work is being carried out, the speed needs to be 30km. This is the law." He pointed out that these rules are there to protect road workers as well.

He explained that The Road Safety Council is extremely hands-on and listens to the concerns of all stakeholders.

The interview also focused on irresponsible driving, the need for better training for drivers, insurance, the need for speed and the proposed motorsports track which, he says, could lead to more responsible driving on the roads. 

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