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Support of Maltese and EU citizens living in Malta vital to create social Europe - Sant

Thursday, 2 May 2019, 10:17 Last update: about 10 months ago

Maltese, Gozitan and EU citizens living in Malta should give their support to Labour candidates during the forthcoming European elections to help create a social Europe. Europe must create a more sustainable society which brings equal opportunities to all Europeans, leaving no one behind, said former Prime Minister Alfred Sant when addressing a social activity in Qawra.


Alfred Sant said Europe must provide  equal opportunities to all, securing a good life for all European citizens, regardless of where they live. Young people across Europe need decent jobs in their home region. They need access to proper healthcare and education systems. It is not acceptable that workers who struggled all their life to earn a living struggle to make ends meet when they retire from work.

“If I have the support of the electorate,  I will continue to push for a coordinated increase in the national minimum wage across Europe, according to each country’s circumstances. Workers will have their living standards improved while employers will not find that their competitors in other member states can beat them in the market because their national minimum wage has not changed. Such a measure is already foreshadowed in the manifesto of the European Socialist Party for the European elections.” remarked Alfred Sant.

It is of paramount importance that in the next European elections we safeguard the interests of young workers, self-employed, pensioners and all those in need of social protection.


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