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'You can press the panic button when we debate on Friday' – Delia challenges Muscat

Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 20:14 Last update: about 2 years ago

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia has called out Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to debate him on Friday, after saying that a debate on abortion in Parliament was postponed "due to plenary being suspended out of fear."

Delia maintained that the panic button was being pressed due to "the dirtiest government we've ever had," going on to accuse Muscat of taking over the institutions, Police Commissioner, Attorney General, the FIAU, the MFSA, and now trying to take over parliament.


"You can shut our mouths in Parliament, but we will still make our voice heard Prime Minister."

Delia reiterated that it was his obligation and duty, "as was said by the court", to be a public watchdog over the government.

Particularly on the subject of the Egrant inquiry report, he again accused the Prime Minister of making a political statement by ordering an inquiry on himself.

"There is nothing now stopping the Prime Minister from publishing the full report today before tomorrow."

Raising the potential of Muscat leaving the Labour Party, Delia said that it is clear that Muscat is afraid of leaving because of the mess he will leave behind him, including in the Labour Party.

He also highlighted the importance of both the local and EU elections, proclaiming that the people's vote will be the first step to the government listening to them.

Focusing on Msida, he described how it was ironic that what could have been a university town was slowly becoming older because residents were leaving, and those that were coming were only staying temporarily.

He pointed the finger at one of the potential reasons being the lack of a primary school, and the potential for investment in the marinas.

"There is so much investment that can be done here to have a twinning between a marine and university town."

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