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Watch: PN has obligations to understand reason for defeat – Adrian Delia

Sunday, 26 May 2019, 18:16 Last update: about 5 months ago

Nationalist Party leadert Adrian Delia said this afternoon that the people had spoken in the election and the result is clear; “the PL has won these elections for MEPs with an absolute majority of votes and it is clear that they will win the 4th seat”, Delia said.

“We accept this result with utmost humility and we promise that we are going to ponder the situation properly and learn the lessons we need to learn”, Delia said before thanking all those who had voted in the democratic process and all those who had stood as candidates in the election, irrespective of which side they stood for. The PN is still the second largest party, he said.

Speaking on NET TV in his first reaction following the massive defeat in the European Parliament elections, Delia said that the PN has the obligation to understand the reasons as to why they had not won the respect of the people and as to why thousands had chosen not to vote at all.

Delia said that it was clear that the PN was going through big challenges as of late and noted that the party was still suffering from financial difficulties but that this does not mean that they will be giving up.

“It means that we are going to work more to understand why we are not the choice of the people, something which we will do with tranquillity and respect so to continue building on the work of the last months where we were making steps forward.”

He said that the PN would not abandon the road that it is on and the party will continue meeting people, unions, and institutions and would open its doors to anybody who wants to contribute.

“In the most difficult periods of the PN we have always managed to find the best people; in these times we cannot give up but we must find the best in us and be better than we ever have been”, Delia said. 

He said that this is a process which will not take a few months, but the PN needs to embark on it and invite everybody onto the journey with them.

“Have courage, do not give up – the road is long but we need to walk it together to reach our destination”, Delia concluded.

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