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Labour wins Valletta local council for the first time; Alfred Zammit will be mayor

Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 21:31 Last update: about 6 years ago

Malta's capital city, Valletta, will for the first time ever be governed by a Labour-led local council after the governing party obtained a historic victory on Wednesday.

The Valletta local council was always in the hands of the Nationalist Party, although their majority had been slimming for the last three elections. 

Indeed in 2002, the PN registered a 55.81% majority in the capital; but this was subsequently down to 54.4% in 2005, then to 52.77% in 2008, and finally to 51.58% in 2013 - the equivalent of just 150 votes.


5,533 people were registered to vote in the capital city, but only 63.84% turned out to vote - equivalent to 3,657 people.  Out of those votes, 104 turned out to be invalid, leaving 3,553 valid votes.  The turnout in 2013 was 83.2%.

The quota for election was of 445 votes. Alfred Zammit, Ray Azzopardi, Lian Pace and Jurgen Briffa were also elected for the PL, while Christian Micallef, Mark Spiteri Lucas, and Vincent Fabri were elected for the PN.

Alfred Zammit - who presents the television show Kalamita - obtained the most votes out of his fellow Labour candidates and will therefore become Valletta's first ever Labour mayor.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said "So proud that Labour Party will for the first time ever lead the local council of our capital city."

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