The Malta Independent 16 September 2019, Monday

Updated - Watch: Clyde Puli, Marlene Farrugia in social media spat after video goes viral

Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 13:54 Last update: about 4 months ago

The Secretary General of the Nationalist Party Clyde Puli and Partit Demokratiku MP Marlene Farrugia have taken to social media to attack each other after a video of celebrations during the feast of St Philip went viral.

The video shows Farrugia lifted shoulder high as youngsters chant “F’gh… il-PN” as L’Amours Toujours is played in the background.


Puli took offence at the video, writing on Facebook that the PN had given the PD the stage, its media and two parliamentary seats. He said that Farrugia also wanted to become PN party leader, and wanted to take another seat when a co-option was necessary for new leader Adrian Delia to have a seat in Parliament.

“Now they dance and celebrate against a rhythm of hatred against us. With people like her and others causing damage we tried to improve the PN’s position in the past months,” Puli wrote.

It took Farrugia less than an hour to reply, also on Facebook, saying that Puli is digging a deeper hole. She said that Puli is in panic mode after the disastrous result obtained in the last election.

She said she never offended anyone, and said that on Sunday she was celebrating the feast, which also included a visit to the PN club.

It is clear that some people are annoyed by her presence, she said, adding that she has full respect towards all Nationalists and Labourites who love Malta.

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