The Malta Independent 23 July 2019, Tuesday

‘Whoever speaks against any of the MPs, will be speaking against me’ – Delia

Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 06:04 Last update: about 2 months ago

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said last night that whoever speaks against any PN MP will be speaking against him as leader.

Speaking at the end of another marathon meeting of the parliamentary group, Delia said that it had been a “very good and constructive” debate which “laid the foundations for a rebuilding” of the party.


The party must now move forward, he said, by making the radical changes that need to be done. “I have one parliamentary group. Whoever speaks against any one of the MPs will be speaking against me,” he said to applause of the people who had gathered at the door of the PN hq.

He said that during the meeting he had presented proposals on the party’s future. The reforms include the way the party structures are set up and the way it presents itself to the electorate. He said he did not face any calls for his resignation.

It had been agreed that the parliamentary group would meet at least once every two weeks to continue to discussion. He said what was discussed in the parliamentary group meeting should remain within the group until the party was ready to announce the reforms that were discussed.

He said that he had accepted the resignation of Pierre Portelli from the post of head of the patrty's media. Asked if there will be more resignations, Delia said thathe had not received any others but does not know what the future holds.

Delia said that any decisions will be taken after events happen, and he will not speculate on what he will do if MPs once againt try to put spokes in his leadership wheels.

The Nationalist Party parliamentary met a day after a heated discussion of the party’s executive committee meeting led to the resignation of Pierre Portelli from the post of chairman of the party media.

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