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Misconceptions and omissions

Sunday, 21 July 2019, 08:50 Last update: about 13 months ago

In his letter to The Malta Independent on Sunday of 30 June, Dr Gilbert Gravino sought to present the aims of the Doctors4Choice organisation, setting out, amongst other things, to dispel ‘misconceptions’ (no pun intended).

He went to great lengths to advocate the use and availability of the Morning After Pill (MAP), which he failed to mention can be abortifacient. Whilst that is a fact he may wish to dispute, other doctors would not concur. Patient leaflets make it quite clear that a fertilised ovum could be prevented from implanting in the womb, thus an early stage human life would effectively be aborted.


Should the abortion pill – not to be confused with the MAP per se – currently available in the USA, ever become available here, let us hope that the availability of the antidote would be as robustly made known as the drug itself would no doubt be publicised.

Another omission by Dr Gravino was, in the interests of what he and those of his ilk refer to as ‘choice’, a public undertaking that he and other so-called ‘pro-choice’ doctors will ensure that women who are considering abortion are offered or directed towards alternatives, including various NGOs which will provide help and advice – not just until birth, but beyond.

I say this in the interests of true choice, as opposed to ‘pro choice’ (aka pro abortion), to ensure that any choices will include a free and full range of alternatives. Lifeline, part of the Malta Life Network, and Dar Guzeppa Debono of Gozo, offer all the support and practical assistance that might be needed by women facing an abortion.

In many cases, women have reported that, had they known what help and support was available when they were considering an abortion, they might not have taken the decision to go ahead. All too often, abortion occurs due to an actual or perceived lack of support, so those who genuinely wish to offer women a choice should have no problem in offering the full range of choices available.

If we all wish to see a reduction in the number of abortions, then surely we should be happy to ensure that all possible alternatives are put before somebody. Choice really must mean choice!


Gerry Cowie

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