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Waterpolo, BOV Summer League: Sliema earn a point after a late comeback

Stewart Said Saturday, 27 July 2019, 22:32 Last update: about 5 months ago
Photo: Domenic Aquilina
Photo: Domenic Aquilina

SIRENS GREENTUBE................. 8

SLIEMA FRANK SALT................ 8

(2-1), (3-1), (0-3), (3-3)

Sliema Frank Salt scored twice in the last two minutes to deny Sirens Greentube to claim another three points. This result meant that Sirens still didn't defeat Sliema after the latter won the game of the first round. In the end it was the best result for a balanced affair as Sirens had the upper hand in the first two session while after the break Sliema made a bold reaction.

Both teams had to play the last session with only one foreigner as Gavril Subotic for Sliema and Christian Presciutti for Sirens ended the game for a third personal foul and a deliberate exclusion respectively. These decisions put more weight on the effort of the other players who didn't disappoint.

Valentino Gallo put Sirens in the lead and Edward Aquilina doubled from a man-up situation while Michael Spiteri Staines reduced the gap. Sirens kept cruising and had more initiative in attack. They got the important break in the last minute of the session as they scored twice from Aquilina and a penalty by Gallo to finish the session 5-2.

At that point, Sirens deserved their lead but Sliema recovered in style. Gavril Subotic reduced the margin from a man-up situation but few seconds later he was fouled-out for the third personal foul. Jacob Sciberras scored from another man-up situation and after they had a penalty saved by Nicholas Grixti, Liam Galea scored with a perfect shot. Sirens even ended the session with Italian Christian Presciutti who was sent-off.

With both teams having one foreigner, the game changed its rhythm. But the game still was exciting and after Mark Meli responded for John Brownrigg's goal, Sirens had an 8-6 advantage from two goals by Luke Caruana and Isaiah Riolo.

Jacob Sciberras kept Sliema fighting for a result with a goal after having numerical superiority. Hungarian Norbert Hoznyansky became the hero for his team as he equalised with a powerful shot from a central position as Sliema confirmed their progress.

Sirens: N. Grixti, J. Zerafa Gregory, C. Presciutti, P. Privitera, M. Grech, J. Brownrigg (1), I. Riolo (1), V. Gallo (3), J. Napier, E. Aquilina (2), L. Caruana (1), M. Sciberras, G. Galea Curmi, Z. Bartolo, L. Falzon

Sliema: J. Parnis, J. Gabarretta, G. Subotic (1), J. Sciberras (2), M. Meli (1), N. Hoznyansky (2), M. Spiteri Staines (1), L. Galea (1), B. Cachia, J. Gambin, Z. Mizzi, N. Bugelli, M. Vassallo, J. Cachia, K. Borg

Referees: Mario Dalli, Raffaele Colombo




(5-1), (5-1), (4-4), (3-8)

San Ġiljan TUM Invest finally recovered from a negative week as they returned to winning ways defeating Exiles Elia Caterers 19-14. In reality San Ġiljan were held by Exiles in the first round, the only point that Exiles claimed so far.

The final result might give a different idea of how the game progressed as San Ġiljan dominated the first two sessions and assured themselves of the win. Exiles had the opportunity to reduce the gap in the second part of the game. Exiles had their regular goalkeeper Matthew Castillo injured and therefore it was the turn of young goalkeeper Max Martin to play.

San Ġiljan started determined and after Andreas Galea was cancelled by Milos Vukicevic, San Ġiljan scored four consecutive goals from a brace by Dino Zammit, Matthew Zammit and Ben Plumpton to finish the first session 5-1. The second session was identical as San Ġiljan ended the period 10-2, this time having Ben Plumpton scoring twice.

San Ġiljan were assured of the win and their coach Marko Orlovic started rotating more the squad to give important minutes to other players who are not regular. Exiles managed to stop the haemorrhage. Left-hander Milos Vukicevic scored a hat-trick from the four goals scored by his team. Exiles won the last session to cut the deficit to only five goals.

San Ġiljan: J. Tanti, B. Grech, A. Galea (2), N. Dobud (5), G. Molina (3), M. Zammit (2), B. Plumpton (4), K. Dowling, T. Said (1), Da. Zammit, P. Fava, Di. Zammit (2), T. Micallef

Exiles: M. Martin, M. Stellini (2), A. Magri, M. Jelaca (2), T. Sullivan (3), S. Xerri de Caro, M. Fenech (1), K. Griscti, M. Vukicevic (6), A. Cousin, N. Paris, P. Paris, M. Castillo, S. Apap, C. von Brockdorf

J. Bonavia, Z. Micallef

Referees: Peter Balzan, Fabio Ricciotti



OTTERS NIVEA...................... 15

(2-2), (6-6), (5-4), (5-3)

Valletta Videoslots got what they wanted but they had to sweat to capture the three points. Otters Nivea were a solid opponent and always in the game. They diminshed the difference between both teams in terms of quality and Valletta only assured themselves of the win in the final minutes of the game.

Despite ending up on the losing side, this must be described as their one of their best performances, in a match that was characterised by protests from both teams. In fact both teams' officials were sent-off from the referees.

Valletta were in the lead for six times in the first session and a half, but in every occasion Otters reacted. Claudio Spiteri Debarro put Otters in the lead for the first time with a beautiful backhand from the centre. It was the turn of Valletta to react and responded twice to finish the second session 8-8.

Joe Sciortino's team opened up a two-goal advantage from veteran Charlie Zammit and Sasa Misic but Otters recovered again as both teams kept going back and forth till Misic gave Valletta a goal advantage at the end of the third session.

Valletta managed to score three consecutive goals for the first time in the game and seemed to close the game as they had a 17-13 advantage. Otters scored twice in less than a minute to keep hoping for at least a point with two minutes left. Charlie Zammit finished a wonderful performance with another goal as Valletta responded to the win by Birżebbuġa a day earlier.

Valletta: R. Sciortino, J. Spiteri Staines, A. Agius, P. Borg, A. Bianchi, R. Mock (1), D. Paolella, M. Mifsud (1), C. Zammit (5), M. Zammit (1), D. Kholod (6), N. Farrugia, R. Bonnici, S. Misic (4)

Otters: D. Camilleri, C. Spiteri Debarro (2), F. Salamon (4), L. Hyzler (2), E. Meli (1), M. Lanzon, G. Mizzi, J.L. Zahra, A. Mifsud, D. Zahra, B. Lanzon (1), M. Filipovic (5), M. Xerri

Referees: Ronnie Spiteri, Raffaele Colombo

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