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Waterpolo, BOV Summer League: Birżebbuġa sole leaders as Valletta are beaten by Marsaskala

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(4-4), (2-3), (2-1), (2-5)

Marsaskala Fish and Fish showed that the first round win was not a fluke as they again got the best of Valletta Videoslots defeating again with a three goal margin. Valletta disappointed as with these performances no one would have imagined they could have a positive campaign in the Premier League.


Credit also goes to Marsaskala who gained composure as the game progressed and their duo Milakovic and Averka won again the battle of foreigners against Kholod and Misic.

Marsaskala built a 3-1 advantage as they cancelled Peter Borg's opener. Valletta reacted and recovered their disadvantage from Sasa Misic and Charlie Zammit but Jean Claude Cutajar gave Marsaskala the lead until Dmitri Kholod equalised for Valletta.

Ayrton Camenzuli and Kristijan Milakovic gave Dorian Pisani's team a double advantage. Charlie Zammit and a tap in by Ryan Mock pulled one back for Valletta after Max Aquilina had given a partial double lead.

Valletta had a positive start after the break and took the lead for the second time in the game. Miguel Zammit scored from a tight angle while Dmitri Kholod scored a gem of a goal beating Jurgen Micallef from a very acute angle. Marsaskala remained focused and Konstantin Averka equalised, a goal that proved to be vital for them ahead of the last session.

Averka scored a brace in the beginning and Jean Claude Cutajar made it 11-8. Valletta were destined to lose the game as their reaction was poor and Milakovic scored twice after Peter Borg reduced the margin. Sasa Misic scored late in the game for Valletta.

Valletta: R. Sciortino, J. Spiteri Staines, A. Agius, P. Borg (2), A. Bianchi, R. Mock (1), D. Paolella, M. Mifsud, C. Zammit (2), M. Zammit (1), D. Kholod (2), N. Farrugia, R. Bonnici, S. Misic (2), L. Gialanze

Marsaskala: J. Micallef, J.C. Cutajar (2), A. Camenzuli (1), M. Manara, M. Aquilina (1), L. Grixti, K. Navarro, K. Milakovic (3), K. Averka (5), J. Culic, R. Attard, D. Borg Millo, A. Muscat, L. Felice (1), J. Ciantar

Referees: Alex De Raffaele, Luca Castagnola



OTTERS NIVEA........................ 12

(1-4), (4-2), (3-2), (5-4)

A goal at the end by Antonio Petkovic gave Birżebbuġa Freeport a difficult win over Otters Nivea. Birżebbuġa were never in the lead except for the last minute and a half of the game as Otters gave their utmost to stay in the lead. But Petkovic showed his strength, scoring six goals in the process. Otters were without their coach Anthony Farrugia who's with the Under 15 national team.

Birżebbuġa had to recover from a slow start after losing the first session 4-1. Petkovic reduced the gap partially after Otters were 2-0 in the lead, while Claudio Spiteri Debarro and Dominique Zahra enlarged their gap to three goals.

Birżebbuġa clawed their way back in the game in the second session. Foreigners Antun Goreta and Petkovic made the score 5-4 and later Christian Mifsud reduced the gap to a goal after the goal by Aleandro Mifsud.

Pierre Borg's team equalised twice in the third session. Mattias Ortoleva and Petkovic cancelled the goal by Ferenc Salamon and David Cutajar responded to Claudio Spiteri Debarro.

They started the last session 8-8 and in three occasions Otters had taken a goal lead but Birżebbuġa responded from Antonio Petkovic (2) and Neil Cassar. David Cutajar looked to have given his team the win scoring from a central position.

Otters reacted and after some moments of indecision, Luke Hyzler equalised with 24 seconds left after having a double man-up. Birżebbuġa had one possession to score the winning goal and Petkovic found some space to squeeze the ball past Matthew Xerri for the winning goal.

Birżebbuġa: D. Spiteri, M. Borg, N. Cassar (1), D. Paci Lupi, C. Mifsud (1), A. Petkovic (6), S. Vassallo, D. Cutajar (3), J. Bajada, L. Borg, A. Goreta (1), M. Ortoleva (1), J. Cremona, C. Farrugia, L. Abela

Otters: M. Xerri, C. Spiteri Debarro (2), F. Salamon (1), L. Hyzler (2), E. Meli (1), M. Lanzon, G. Mizzi, D. Dimech, A. Mifsud (2), D. Zahra (1), B. Lanzon (2), M. Filipovic (1), D. Camilleri

Referees: Ronnie Spiteri, Antonio Guarracino

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