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Many streets named after Santa Marija in Malta

Thursday, 15 August 2019, 09:57 Last update: about 11 months ago

There are many streets named after Santa Marija in Malta, Infrastructure Malta has pointed out in a Facebook post.

Santa Marija is a village feast in seven localities today, while also being a national holiday being celebrated today.

The holiday commemorates the Santa Marija convoy in WWII, also known as Operation Pedestal. Operation Pedestal was unprecedented in its size: four aircraft carriers, two battleships, seven light cruisers and 32 destroyers - along with a cohort of corvettes and fuelling ships - were tasked with making sure that 14 merchant ships filled to the brim with a variety of supplies made it into Grand Harbour.


Infrastructure Malta said that it has reconstructed two of the roads named after Santa Marija, Santa Marija Street in Ghaxaq and Santa Marija Street in Tarxien.

"In Mqabba, we are currently rebuilding Santa Marija Convoy Road and its service roads. Later this year we are starting works in Santa Marija Street in Rabat as well," the Facebook post read.


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