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Waterpolo, BOV Summer League: Neptunes a win away from securing title amid protests from Sliema

Stewart Said Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 21:39 Last update: about 12 months ago

NEPTUNES LEO VEGAS................... 15

SLIEMA FRANK SALT...................... 14

(3-5), (4-3), (4-3), (4-3)

It was a classic final but in the end Neptunes Leo Vegas finished as winner to move a step closer to win their second consecutive league and their third in four years. Neptunes made a positive reaction after the break while Sliema failed to keep up their strong show in the first two sessions.


Sliema also protested several times for the control of the officials as they felt that a number of decisions went against their way. Their remarks were especially in the man-up situations against them and the lack of man-ups in their favour.

Sliema took a deserved 5-3 lead in the first session. Norbert Hoznyansky and Jerome Gabarretta put Sliema 2-0 in the lead and after Brguljan scored for Neptunes Gabarretta and Liam Galea made it 4-1. Neptunes cut the deficit to only a goal until Hoznyansky scored the fifth goal for his team.

The second session continued on the same rhythm as the defence of Neptunes was sloppy at times. Sliema held a commanding 7-4 but Stevie Camilleri scored twice in a space of few seconds. Subotic kept Sliema with a double advantage and Brguljan reduced the margin again.

Neptunes started the third session better and managed to equalise after Nikolai Zammit and Darko Brguljan cancelled the goal by Subotic, who put his side again in the lead later. But Jordan Camilleri and Darko Brguljan scored consecutively to put Neptunes ahead for the first time in the game until Subotic made it 11-11 with half a minute before the end of the session

Sliema equalised twice in the last session but Stevie Camilleri kept Neptunes 14-13 ahead with half a session still to go. Sliema missed an important man-up after Brguljan was excluded.

Jamie Gambin was excluded a bit more than a minute left and Neptunes coach Jovan Popovic called an instant time-out. From a well-planned action led by Stevie Camilleri, Darko Barguljan scored from the left side to kill the game as Sliema missed a chance few seconds later and scored a consolation goal at the end.

Neptunes: A. Borg Cole, N. Lanzon, K. Erdogan, G. Pace, P. Muslim, D. Brguljan (5), S. Camilleri (4), J. Camilleri (2), J. Abela, N. Zammit (4), J. Muscat, M. Azzopardi, B. Busuttil, S. Busuttil, J. Farrugia

Sliema: J. Parnis, J. Gabarretta (4), G. Subotic (4), J. Sciberras, M. Meli, N. Hoznyansky (2), M. Spiteri Staines, L. Galea (1), B. Cachia, J. Gambin (1), Z. Mizzi (1), N. Bugelli (1), M. Vassallo, K. Borg, J. Cachia

Referees: Peter Balzan, Alessandro Severo


Marsaskala closer than ever to clinch the double

VALLETTA VIDEOSLOTS............... 8


(3-4), (0-2), (2-4), (3-3)

Marsaskala Fish and Fish are a win away from making a surprise double in the First Division. The win against Valletta was the third one of the season against the Citizens who again disappointed although having Jovan Saric making his quiet debut.

Kristijan Milakovic and Konstantin Averka dominated the clash against their foreign opponents as defended and attacked better. Milakovic especially was in brilliant form, scoring more than half of the goals.

In fact he had already scored a hat-trick in the first session that Marsaskala won 4-3. Milakovic and Averka responded to the goal by Andrea Bianchi from man-up, the only time that Valletta were in the lead.

Marsaskala continued to be one step ahead of their opponents in the second session and opened up a deserved 6-3 advantage as Averka scored both goals.

Valletta seemed to make a reaction as they cut the deficit to a goal after a brace by Peter Borg early in the session. But Averka kept Marsaskala with a double advantage. Milakovic continued his personal show with another hat-trick in the second part of the third session, one of them coming from half the pitch.

In the last session Dorian Pisani's team continued to control the game as Valletta never looked to stage an unlikely comeback.

Valletta: R. Sciortino, J. Spiteri Staines (1), A. Agius, P. Borg (2), A. Bianchi (1), R. Mock, D. Paolella, J. Saric (2), M. Cordina (1), M. Zammit, D. Kholod (1), N. Farrugia, R. Bonnici, C. Zammit

Marsaskala: J. Micallef, J.C. Cutajar, A. Camenzuli, M. Manara (1), M. Aquilina, L. Grixti, K. Navarro, K. Milakovic (7), K. Averka (3), J. Culic (2), R. Attard, D. Borg Millo, M. Borg, L. Felice, J. Ciantar

Referees: Massimo Angileri, Daniele Bianco

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