The Malta Independent 23 February 2020, Sunday

Are we practising our socialist principles, PL MP Robert Abela asks?

Saturday, 21 September 2019, 16:16 Last update: about 6 months ago

PL MP and leadership hopeful Robert Abela has asked whether the party is truly looking after "genuine" labourites and whether it is living up to its socialist principles.

In a Facebook post, Abela asks whether the wealth being generated by the country is reaching everyone, and whether "we are being sensitive enough to the hardships of some people."

He asks whether those of 'Taghna Lkoll' who act out of convenience, who remain "fundamentally allergic" to Labourites and who "used to beat us in the recent past" are doing better than genuine Labourites.

Are we living our socialist principles, or do we feel ashamed to even mention them, he asks?

Abela says that, should he fail to express these thoughts and choose the "comfortable" route he would be letting down those thousands who have trusted him to be their voice.  

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