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Overdue compensation to National Bank of Malta shareholders

Sunday, 29 September 2019, 08:49 Last update: about 11 months ago

My article with the above-mentioned heading (TMIS 8 September) was intended to be my last one in this saga. However, I am constrained to respond to the latest article by Piero Ugolini and Richard Nun (‘Reply to false statements on the National Bank of Malta’ – TMIS, 22 September). This is due to the fact that, after initially alleging that my articles reflected fiction, they now have the audacity and arrogance to state that these even contain ‘false statements’. This is something I strongly deny.


What strikes me is that, unlike the article published in TMIS on 25 August, this latest article is not said to be ‘with input from Alfred Mifsud’. I conclude that my former Barclays Bank Malta and Mid-Med Bank colleague had no wish to stoop so low as to try to tarnish my reputation by publicly attributing false statements to me.

Alfred Mifsud’s evident decision to steer away from the unfair allegations of the other two government-appointed experts says a lot in my opinion. I have no intention of engaging any further with the likes of Ugolini and Nun who, whilst claiming to be ‘independent experts’, over the years (certainly in the case of the former) have benefited from a number of direst orders from the Malta Financial Services Authority.


Anthony R Curmi

St Julian’s


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