The Malta Independent 5 June 2020, Friday

PN to vote against budget due to ‘lack of long-term plan, short-sighted vision’ – Puli

Kevin Schembri Orland Monday, 21 October 2019, 09:09 Last update: about 9 months ago

The Nationalist Party will be voting against the budget due to government’s lack of a long-term plan, a short sighted vision based on over-population, and the emphasis on GDP statistics rather than people’s general wellbeing, PN Secretary General Clyde Puli told the Malta Independent

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia is set to deliver his response to the budget speech this evening in Parliament. Puli, speaking with this newsroom, outlined what Delia will be focusing his speech on.


It is expected that Delia will highlight that government has a short-sighted economic policy, “based on an unsustainable increase in population without actually creating new value added niches,” Puli said.

“This is clearly not the way forward. We need a sustainable long term plan. Our economic commitment is to boost the economy through investment which generates well paid jobs.”

“In his budget speech in Parliament, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia shall explain the Nationalist Party's commitment in restoring balance to life in Malta. Our vision is to move away from a two speed Malta towards a Malta that truly cares: for the middle class and the small business enterprise as well as for the most vulnerable; for workers rights; for the environment. A country that addresses it’s social, environmental and institutional deficit. This is deeply lacking in today's Malta,” Puli said.

In his speech tomorrow, Delia shall also say how government's lack of transparency and meritocracy is having a devastating effect on Malta’s reputation “which, on its part, is putting thousands of jobs in danger,” Puli added.

The Opposition Leader is also expected to put an emphasis on climate change and sustainable development, arguing that it is at the forefront of the PN’s political agenda.

The PN had also earlier this year presented a pre-budget document, and Delia is likely to make reference to some of the hundred proposals the PN had made, and explain a few in further detail.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna presented the 2020 budget last Monday. Directly following Scicluna’s delivery speech in Parliament, Delia held a press conference outlining his first reaction to it.

On that night, Delia had said that the budget "does not solve anything" and is filled with recycled promises.

Delia had said that there were no measures that would help vulnerable people come out of their social situation, no measures to help youths move forward in their lives, and that there isn't a single economic sector which the government is identifying for investment.

The Opposition Leader had highlighted that the COLA adjustment of €3.49 per week does not even start to help deal with rising prices and inflation, noting that it does  not even compensate for a week's worth of shopping. He noted that Eurostat had found that there was a 2.9% increase in the price of food, noting that an increase of €4.35 per week was needed just to make up for this.


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