The Malta Independent 17 November 2019, Sunday

Orim Energy expands bunker supply to Malta

Thursday, 24 October 2019, 10:54 Last update: about 24 days ago

Dutch marine fuels supplier Orim Energy has expanded its operations to Malta, where it is offering 0.5pc sulphur fuel oil.

The supplier made its first delivery on 17 October, having entered the Maltese market on request from a large buyer for a term contract. Spot market demand has been limited in Malta so far, the firm said.

Demand for 0.5pc sulphur fuel oil is "not taking off" in Malta, where the grade is oversupplied, said Orim Energy managing director Edwin Coppens. But he said the market will balance when demand picks up from the second half of November, and he said Malta could eventually be undersupplied as more shipowners switch to fuel compliant with the International Maritime Organisation sulphur emissions rules.


Orim supplies 0.5pc and 0.1pc sulphur fuel oils in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp bunkering hub. It will not supply 0.1pc fuel oil in Malta because there is no demand. The grade became popular in northwest Europe in 2015 with the introduction of 0.1pc sulphur capped Emission Control Areas in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Peninsula Petroleum is so far the only other supplier to offer 0.5pc sulphur fuel oil in Malta.

Other marine fuels suppliers on the island are Valletta Bunkers, IFS, San Lucian, Cassar and Go Fuels. They supply from five bunkering zones, including the ports of Grand Harbour Valletta and Marsaxlokk. There is no refinery on Malta, so fuel oil and distillate cargoes are shipped to the island, and off-spec fuel is blended to bunker specification by local suppliers.

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