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Not all prostitutes are trafficked or abused - Malta-based sex worker and activist

Giulia Magri Monday, 11 November 2019, 13:26 Last update: about 9 months ago

“Not all sex workers are trafficked, abused or have the oh-so called grim life, but an abundance of sex workers are empowered, independent and absolutely love life,” a sex worker and activist said.

The Malta Independent newsroom spoke to the sex worker, who is also an activist in the field, who preferred to remain anonymous, regarding last week’s Indepth programm. She does not believe that the Nordic model is the best option for sex workers.


She told this newsroom: “there are sex workers who are providing for their families because most of them are single mothers.”  

The activist highlighted the use of the right terminology when discussing sex workers; as the correct term for “prostitutes” is full service sex workers, emphasising on sex education. “The stigma is what is killing our industry; the media and government assume all sex workers are doing sex work not by their own accord but out of desperation. Yes, there are some unfortunate circumstances but NOT ALL are like this.”

The activist said that sex trafficking within the sex industry is minuscule and is an unfortunate part of sex work, but that does not mean it should deprive other empowering women from their line of work. “Sex work should be decriminalised, like in parts of Australia, where trafficking and crime has decreased immensely,” she continued to explain. She pointed out that in other countries where sex work is stigmatised, people do not listen nor give sex workers a voice or chance to work in society.

The activist said that it is time to move forward and away from the traditional sense of discussing sex and sex workers. The activist continued to point out that it will be a while before Malta has an open mind on the sex industry, as sex is still perceived as a taboo subject. “There are an abundant number of jobs in the sex industry. But all people ever seem to focus on is the 'prostitution' when that isn’t even the biggest earner in sex work.”

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