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What might save us

Rachel Borg Saturday, 7 December 2019, 10:10 Last update: about 9 months ago

Mister Reagan says 'We will protect you'
I don't subscribe to this point of view
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

What might save us, me and you

Is if the Russians love their children too.


These words from the song Russians by Sting, is our prayer now.  In all this hysteria and drama and fear happening around us and to us, we find ourselves in a dark and really unhappy place.

All the strong and raging emotions that we channeled into a place of safety when Daphne was brutally murdered have emerged and have formed a body of resistance and unity against the revolting and treacherous reports out of Castille, the Office of the Prime Minister and his whole Cabinet and parliamentary delegates.

Joseph Muscat knows this and has left the parliamentary building from the garage, escaping the fury of the crowd outside and shut the door behind him so that not even the Representative organ of democracy can point a finger at him.

He has said that he will stay until a new Labour Party leader is elected.  He says he will protect us.  But we say to him, we hope you love your children too.  Because this is where it is all heading now.  Into the nervous system and mental anxiety of the children.  Children are quite able to pick up the emotional thread, the insecurity and the anger.  They sense fear, they see courage and they become confused. 

If Michelle Muscat was sincere when she had said that she wants her husband’s legacy to be the unity of the Maltese people, then she had better take a look at what is happening around her and have a serious talk with him.  It is not for me to judge what the situation is in their family but we have our own children to think of and we can say that this is not what we would like them to be experiencing.

We cannot shelter them from the brutality of the killing of Daphne.  Children from San Anton school and St Dorothy’s have participated in eulogies and vigils for the journalist, the mother, the aunt and the daughter.   They understood that a life was taken.  How can putting Malta through this vanity and shame benefit anyone? 

Everyone who is not a Labour die-hard has grasped the seriousness of the situation.  If they do not see the logic they can see the behaviour and know inside of themselves that this is not the behaviour of one who wants to protect us, of one who is innocent or whose hands have not been bloodied.

We have link after link, testimony after testimony, evidence and statements, events and connections that lead to only one place and one conclusion.  Guilt.  Muscat is simply trying to use the message that PN are behind the reason for the disgrace.  The Left never changes its message.  It recycles it.

One of Muscat’s boasts was of having created a new middle class.  No, sir, whatever was done in the interim from 2013 to 2019 was in spite of your corrupt management and whatever is happening now is serving only to send us, the nation, back to the dark days of class hatred and division.  Hardly the unity that you had promised to deliver!  There is nothing middle-class about your decisions. 

If you would move away, just a little bit, from the hip of your buddy Keith Schembri and open your eyes for a few moments, you will see a nation that is suffering.  A family that is in anguish and that your position is totally untenable.  The people do not want you to spend another minute in office.  Because your office was a conspiracy.  It was an illegal organization.  It harboured killers and gave protection not to the children but to the gangsters and corrupt system that you engineered with your deals and your revolting friends and personal ambition.

Your view has become hostage to the single purpose of getting rich through shady deals, through the abuse of the rule of law, through the take-over of any opposition and your body does not function without the machine of corruption to keep it breathing.  If there can be one moment, one lapse when you wake up in another place or another time, let it be that you see the children in front of you and let them be your conscience.

We see children nowadays, skipping school to protest against the way that politicians have ignored the climate crises.  They take a stand and speak out.  They take action.  They know.

The treacherous behaviour that we have seen these past weeks is found in the history books of despots and tyrants, of the mafia and the 80s in Malta.  All the boasts of how Malta is the best in Europe and these are the best times are nothing but lies, devious lies. 

People did get carried away for a while with believing the lies and choosing to ride on the tide of prosperity which they imagined was theirs too.  But they were wrong and they look now at their children and wonder what country they are leaving them, what life they have led them to and they regret the very day they may have had a part in this revolting power mania.

“It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore”. 

What message do you leave Mr Muscat, to the children today?  That crime pays?  That power is all in the hands of one man?  That you must give in to the force of evil and lose your rights to get somewhere in life?  That the value of success is measured only in wealth?  That nothing, not even murder can get in the way of survival?  Are you happy giving this message to the children?

How much help are you giving parents now? Another of your boasts.  That you extended the IVF treatment to all couples.  And then you suck the life out of our mothers.

You can see it, sir, in the despicable posts on facebook.  On your farewell parades to the staunch ones who praise your every word.  How many jobs were you able to arrange for them and how many more before you leave that seat of yours in January?  Positions of trust.  Indeed.  Our highest office and the majesty of Auberge de Castille became a labour party club, frequented by henchmen and drivers or security men who obey orders and lock up journalists in a room at your bidding. 

What will children aspire to be when they grow up?  A fearless journalist like Daphne Caruana Galizia and her son?  An honest person who has hope in the future?  One who realizes that nothing comes free in life and that you have to defend democracy all the time and cannot afford to have one person wield all the power?

If not for the country, Joseph Muscat, Lawrence Cutajar, Peter Grech, Edward Scicluna, do it for the children.  Stand down now.  Not in January, not next week.  Now, before It’s too late and you cause irreparable harm.

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