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TMID Editorial: PL MPs - Grow a pair

Saturday, 7 December 2019, 09:33 Last update: about 9 months ago

While Malta is in turmoil, as the representatives of Maltese businesses and lawyers urge the Prime Minister to go now, Labour MPs seem more than happy to bury their heads in the sand and believe that all is fine and dandy, with thoughts of a future bright for Malta.

This is far from the truth, and people are demanding justice. Now the PL diehard followers will of course still follow their leader to the ends of the earth, but the more moderate PL supporters, and those who are not willing to close-an-eye to the country’s current situation, are all expressing concern.


The time has come to stand up and listen. Grow a pair and take action. Muscat’s position is no longer tenable.

Malta’s name internationally is being dragged through the mud again due to your lack of willpower to take the reigns and take the only course of action the people out there already know has to be taken. Muscat needs to go, now not later.

With Muscat at the helm, the faith of other EU member states in Malta dwindles. With Muscat at the helm, trust in the investigation into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia is further put into question. The longer you do not take action, the harder it will be for the next leader of the PL to bring the country back together, and the more that person will be tainted for not taking action now.

This government calls itself pro-business. Well, it should listen to the Chamber of Commerce. “There are defining moments in history that determine the future trajectory of a country, and Malta is currently in one such moment.  This is when the integrity of our leaders matters most, when so many people are genuinely upset and feel profoundly betrayed, when flattery is out of place and provocation is dangerous. It is the humility to bow out promptly, modestly and responsibly without any shadow of a doubt that distinguishes the statesman from the self-serving politician. This applies to all politicians irrespective of which political party they are from and whether in power or in opposition. The independence of the country's institutions is another serious objective we have all come to appreciate more," the chamber said.

The Malta Chamber said it appreciates the Prime Minister recognising the gravity of the situation, "that has implicated his office and his person. His announced resignation was the right thing to do. The Prime Minister has claimed that he intended to vacate his position in January, which means that he remains head of Government till then. In a separate communication however he has also informed journalists that he shall only be taking care of day-to-day matters until his formal resignation.  This has unfortunately brought the country to a standstill, characterised by a level of uncertainty which we seldom experienced in the past."

“This sense of prolonged uncertainty for businesses and investment, is rendered even more serious by the negative attention our country is attracting, with potentially unimaginable consequences, the Chamber said.

"The hiatus the country has descended into must be lifted." The Chamber is clearly concerned with the current situation.

The Chamber of Advocates said that delaying the inevitable by a month - it was referring to Joseph Muscat's resignation in January - will serve no useful purpose but seriously risks tainting the integrity and credibility of the investigative process.

The time has come for you PL MPs to stand up, or risk being remembered for being silent in the face of emergency, part of the problem, and responsible for the lack of trust in the outcome of the murder investigation.


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