The Malta Independent 12 August 2020, Wednesday

Looking forward

Justyne Caruana Sunday, 8 December 2019, 08:36 Last update: about 8 months ago

“Only the brave can make the present and the future a whole lot better than all past experiences.” – Dani Harper, American author.


The events of the past few weeks have been challenging but they have also been a learning curve. The Labour Government is, however, up to the challenges, determined and looking forward to executing the mandate of the people. This is a legitimate government, voted into office with a majority the likes of which our country has never before seen.  Whatever the current challenges, no one can deny the fact that tens of thousands of voters chose Labour because it delivers on its promises and has, in a short span of time, revolutionised and changed the socio-economic landscape of the whole country for the better.


Constitutional responsibility

Over and above all that is being said, it is our constitutional responsibility as a government to exercise power on behalf of the citizens who elected us. It is our duty to ensure that stability and continuity for the common good prevails and that the well-being of society remains intact and secure. Security means we all know that our rights and our freedoms are protected, whatever happens around us. No one is above the law, including the government.

This also means that all citizens must behave responsibly towards each other. Stability and respect for law and order are, in fact, everyone’s duty in a civilised country. In our democracy there is ample space for airing one’s opinion and expressing disagreement on any issue, but violence exceeds by far what is universally known as ‘freedom of expression’.

Fair and just society

This is why the Labour Government places an emphasis on fair chances, fair say and fair rules. We believe in giving people the confidence that opportunities are available to everyone and that everyone plays by the rules. This means that every citizen has the opportunity to express how the country is run, is secure in the knowledge that fundamental rights are enjoyed and is fully cognizant of the responsibilities they owe to one another.

It is this common knowledge that binds us together as a nation.  Unity and stability should be basic in everything we do or say, fostering a serene and democratic decision-making process.

The common good

I must emphasise that, as a member of the Cabinet of  Ministers, together with all Members of Parliament, it is my duty to continue to implement the Government’s policies and measures in a timely, structured manner according to plan. We are a united and compact team and our focus has been and will continue to be on creating a just and equitable society where no one is left behind and where the common good and well-being of each and every citizen remains at the top of the agenda.

At the time of writing this article, Minister Chris Fearne has just announced his bid for the leadership. I know Chris and what he stands for. Whilst thanking him for coming forward, now that we move on to select our new Prime Minister we need to secure a smooth continuity process through a team-player with an evident track record of a successful performance.

Gozo's strategy

As Minister for Gozo I am proud to be part of a team that strives to enhance the life of each and every citizen, irrespective of colour, creed or political inclination. Hard work and challenges have never frightened me and I am determined to continue in my quest to improve the life of every Gozitan family and business concern. Our island has reaped the fruits of this Government’s strategy for Gozo time and time again and will continue to thrive and ameliorate according to plan –   irrespective of the negative forces that are continuously trying to undermine and disrupt the path to a prosperous and tranquil future.

As far as I am concerned, Gozo must continue to improve and progress and therefore my efforts to bring the island up to standard and beyond will intensify. My Ministry is implementing its strategy through the continued support and cooperation of all stake-holders together with a formidable hard-working, enthusiastic and determined team of workers: ‘Team Gozo’. Project Gozo, my vision for a better Gozo, is rapidly changing Gozo’s socio-economic fortunes for the better and continuously producing positive results.

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