The Malta Independent 6 August 2020, Thursday

Former PL MEP tells Fearne to take over as Prime Minister now

Monday, 9 December 2019, 12:10 Last update: about 9 months ago

Former PL MEP Marlene Mizzi has bluntly said that Chris Fearne needs to take over as Prime Minister now.

Posting on Facebook, she is the latest to join calls for the immediate resignation of Joseph Muscat.

In her post, Mizzi says: “The post of Deputy Prime Minister is there to take over the premiership when needed. This needs to happen now! Country first, please!”


Muscat’s decision to resign after the conclusion of a PL Leadership race in January has left the country in turmoil, with almost daily protests taking place.

On Monday, Moviment Graffitti activists staged a sit-in, inside one of the entrances to Castille in Valletta, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister. Last Sunday, a national protest took place as thousands marched on Castille.

Many are asking why Muscat hasn’t stepped down now, when so many, including unions, representative organisations and others, are telling him to do so.

Muscat has pledged to resign, but this is only planned to take place in January.

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