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Updated: Egrant report - Police should investigate Nexia BT's Karl Cini for possible perjury

Tuesday, 17 December 2019, 18:06 Last update: about 5 years ago

The Commissioner of Police should investigate the discrepancies in the testimonies of Karl Cini, Nexia BT partner, as it appears that he may have falsely testified (perjured), the Egrant inquiry report recommends.

The Egrant report, was published in full by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia, on Tuesday evening. Cini was instrumental in setting up Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi's Panama companies, as well as the Egrant company.

In his testimony, Cini said that he established only three companies in Panama, while the Forensic Accountants Harbinson Forensics found that he had also set up the company Real Trade Investments Global Corporation in Panama, and not in the Britain Virgin Islands (BVI), as he had said in his testimony. 

The report also mentions that Cini, in his testimony, did not mention all the companies he opened in BVI, as well as other contradicting information provided by Cini.

Apart from the information gathered from Nexia BT and Pilatus Bank, this inquiry also gathered information from other sources, included the primary witnesses themselves. These included Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maria Efimova, Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, Keith Schembri, Dr. Konrad Mizzi, John Dalli, Brian Tonna, Karl Cini, Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, Hamidreza Ghanbari, Claude-Ann Sant Fournier, Antoniella Gauci, as well as Pierre Portelli that gave useful information for this inquiry.

All directors, employees and ex-employees of Nexia BT gave their testimony, although it resulted that the absolute majority did not have anything to do with the allegations, were not involved or did not work with any of the persons involved in the allegations. 

It was most evident from these testimonies that with regards to the allegations of the inquiry, the person that had direct involvement, and that could have known what was happening, and that could give information, was Cini, the report notes.

Although Brian Tonna was the Managing Partner at Nexia BT, he testified that he would leave issues related to international clients, mainly in the hands of Cini.

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of Egrant Inc show that Brian Tonna and Karl Cini, individually, were given power of attorney with wide powers over the company Egrant Inc. 


Karl Cini statement

In a statement, Karl Cini said that, "the authorities have indeed clarified the concerns highlighted in the Report and it transpired that the said discrepancies were due to misunderstandings during the magisterial inquiry."

For the sake of clarity, the clarifications requested did not relate to the main subject matter of the Report, i.e. Egrant Inc, Cini said. 


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