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Power station is a monument to corruption - PN statement on power cuts

Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 12:24 Last update: about 3 months ago

Never in the past 30 years did Malta experience so many power cuts and electricity disconnections as it did in the past few days, and this is all due to the Labour Party, a Nationalist Party statement read.

The statement was published a day after Enemalta called a press conference to give a detailed explanation about the recent disruptions to the supply of electricity which has ultimately affected the whole island.

The statement highlights that the number of power cuts have had a negative effect on a number of businesses and caused suffering to families especially as the days get colder. "All this is due to the incompetent Labour Government which is run by the Muscat who is plagued with problem after another."


The Opposition requested that all the facts on why in recent days several towns and cities across the Maltese islands ended up without electricity supply be published. "Citizens have the right to know the truth. The people understand that the tanker which Muscat and his friends placed in Marsaxlokk is not just a symbol of corruption but also a sign that this project has failed."

The statement reads that Muscat knew of all the problems, that Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne should publish all the facts and speak the truth to the Maltese people. "The Maltese people should not pay for the incompetence of the Labour Government."

"The Opposition calls on all those who have suffered damages due to power supply cuts to make their voices heard. They will find the PN behind them, to make sure that the Labour Government does the right thing and provide aid to those who suffered damage."

If the PN ran the country we would be weeks without light - PL reaction

If the country listened to the Nationalist Party, they would have believed that we didn't need the power station, and therefore the island would be two weeks without any light," a PL statement read in reply to the PN statement.

The new power station in Delimara is the current solution as the interconnector between Malta and Sicily is extensively damaged, and this is something which the PN does not admit, the PL said.

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