The Malta Independent 15 July 2020, Wednesday

National Book Council chairman to step out of politics after Fearne defeat

Sunday, 12 January 2020, 13:01 Last update: about 7 months ago

The outspoken chairperson of the National Book Council, Mark Camilleri, has said he is stepping out of the political game after Chris Fearne’s ‘crushing’ defeat.

In a Facebook post, Camilleri said: “I tried to affect radical change in my country, but have failed miserably, receiving instead a painful and crushing defeat. I also feel personally responsible for Chris Fearne's defeat in the leadership race, and rebuilding the left in Labour will be incredibly difficult. We have been crushed.”


“Of course, I am also demoralized,” Camilleri continued. “I have already effectively resigned from my post as a town Labour Party committee member. I have been ineffective and lost the war, so it is only logical that I step out of the political game. Good luck everyone.”

A few weeks ago, Camilleri had ripped into Robert Abela, saying that the latter came from a “morally corrupt dynasty with a high sense entitlement.”

He had described Abela as an “opportunist who has always worked for his own interest and pocket.”

Camilleri had noted how Abela had previously supported PN administrations, including on EU accession, and how he used to take his dirty laundry to be washed at San Anton when his father, George Abela, was President of the Republic.

“He was also a consultant for MEPA, under Lawrence GOnzi, when we used to protest against corruption at the authority. Abela became a millionaire thanks to these consultancies,” he said, adding that Abela had retained the job even after Labour came to power.

“He never wanted to get his hands dirty and kept getting paid for his consultancy work and, in his free time, protecting Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.”

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