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Official: New Cabinet appointed – huge overhaul as only five ministers keep places

Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 13:10 Last update: about 4 years ago

A huge overhaul has been announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela as only five ministers got to keep the places they held under the previous Muscat administration.

They are Chris Fearne, Ian Borg, Justyne Caruana, Michael Falzon and Edward Scicluna.

In all, there are now 17 ministers (excluding Abela) and eight parliamentary secretaries, as against the 14 ministers and 10 parliamentary secretaries under Joseph Muscat, who resigned on Monday after his office was linked with the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.


At 26 members on the Cabinet, it is the largest in history.

Five parliamentary secretaries obtained a promotion to minister, while whip Byron Camilleri also joins the ministerial line-up.

Four parliamentary secretaries retain their position, not necessarily their responsibilities, and another four MPs are promoted from the backbench to a parliamentary secretariat.

The swearing-in ceremony of all ministers will be held at the Palace in Valletta, on Wednesday afternoon.

As anticipated on our portal, Economy Minister Chris Cardona lost the economy portfolio and has not been given a ministry. Joe Mizzi, former energy minister, has not been re-appointed in any position either. Konrad Mizzi, who resigned in November, remains out of the Cabinet too. The only parliamentary secretary not to retain a position or be promoted was Anthony Agius Decelis.

Fearne retains the Health Ministry, Ian Borg the Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ministry, Caruana remains as Gozo Minister, Falzon keeps the Family and Social Affairs Ministry, and Scicluna remains responsible for Finance, with financial services added to his duties.

Evarist Bartolo moves from the Education Ministry to Foreign Affairs, replacing Carmelo Abela, who is now a Minister without portfolio under the OPM, and is responsible for sustainable development, social dialogue and the implementation of the electoral manifesto.

Michael Farrugia moves from Home Affairs to Energy and Water Management (instead of Joe Mizzi). Farrugia is replaced by newcomer Byron Camilleri, who was the government whip under the Muscat administration.

Owen Bonnici loses the Justice Ministry and moves to Education and Employment, replacing Bartolo. Bonnici is himself substituted by Edward Zammit Lewis, who recently moved in instead of Helena Dalli in the Equality Ministry. Apart from justice, Zammit Lewis is also responsible for equality and governance.

Jose Herrera moves from environment to Minister of National Heritage, Arts and Local Government, while Roderick Galdes moves a ste up to Minister of Social Accommodation. Another promotion was given to Silvio Schembri, who becomes Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Minister.

Julia Farrugia Portelli is promoted from parliamentary secretary for reforms to Tourism Minister, while another jump forward is that of Aaron Farrugia, named Minister of the Environment, Climate Change and Planning.

Clint Camilleri retains agriculture and fisheries, but moves up from parliamentary secretary to minister.

Apart from Cardona, Joe Mizzi, Konrad Mizzi and Agius Decelis, the other MPs who remain as backbenchers are Anton Refalo, Manuel Mallia, Silvio Grixti, Etienne Grech, Glenn Bedingfield, Jean Claude Micallef and, of course, Joseph Muscat.

This is the full list 

Chris Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health 

Evarist Bartolo

Foreign and European Affairs Minister

Edward Scicluna

Finance and Financial Services Minister

Michael Farrugia

Minister of Energy and Water Management

Owen Bonnici

Minister of Education and Employment

José Herrera

Minister of National Heritage, Arts and Local Government 

Carmelo Abela

Minister in the OPM (responsible for sustainable development, social dialogue and the implementation of the electoral manifesto)

Ian Borg

Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Justyne Caruana

Minister for Gozo

Michael Falzon

Minister of the Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity 

Edward Zammit Lewis

Minister of Justice, Equality and Governance

Roderick Galdes

Minister of Social Accommodation

Silvio Schembri

Minister of the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses

Julia Farrugia Portelli

Minister of Tourism

Aaron Farrugia

Minister of the Environment, Climate Change and Planning

Clint Camilleri

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal Rights and Consumer Protection

Byron Camilleri

Minister of Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement 


Parliamentary Secretaries

Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds in the Foreign Ministry 

Clayton Bartolo

Parliamentary Secretary for financial services and digital economy in the Finance Ministry

Clifton Grima

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations in the Education Ministry

Chris Agius

Parliamentary Secretary for Lands and Construction in the Infrastructure Ministry

Silvio Parnis

Parliamentary Secretary for Acting Ageing and Disabled Persons within the Family Ministry

Rosianne Cutajar

Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms within Justice Ministry

Deo Debattista

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Public Cleanliness within Agriculture Ministry

Alex Muscat

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities within Home Ministry




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