The Malta Independent 25 October 2020, Sunday

Former MEP defends husband after politician requests investigation, Cassola replies

Sunday, 9 February 2020, 19:55 Last update: about 10 months ago

Former MEP Marlene Mizzi has come up in defence of her husband, retired judge Antonio Mizzi, after independent candidate Arnold Cassola requested the Commission for the Administration of Justice to investigate him following the testimony of a middleman in the Daphne Caruana Galizia investigation.

On Saturday, Cassola wrote to the chairman of the commission, President George Vella, to investigate Mizzi after middleman Melvin Theuma testified that "Yorgen Fenech (the man accused with complicity in the murder) claimed that (Keith) Schembri, at the prime minister’s (Joseph Muscat) behest, had approached former judge Antonio Mizzi to arrange for bail to be given to the three accused".


Writing on Facebook, Marlene Mizzi said that Fenech and Theuma are speaking about a “judge of known impeccable integrity, over a 38 year carrier in the judiciary,”, and yet for some they “suddenly become exponents of gospel truth”.

“But you get the 'veteran politician' Arnold Cassola ( read failed loser ) - a man who was ALWAYS REJECTED by the electorate, as well as by his own Party, because he never instilled sense of trust and credibility - to call for the investigation of the judge. Unbelievable !! Perhaps Cassola is trying to remain on the political radar by being himself..... ie a seriously NOT credible person who lacks proper insight ... or what ??

In a statement in reply, Cassola said that Mizzi “resorted to insulting me because I have asked the Commission for the Administration of Justice to investigate whether Keith Schembri tried to influence her husband, Judge Antonio Mizzi.  

“Rather than resorting to insults, Ms Mizzi should instead be grateful that this will be a way of getting to the real truth and, indeed, she should have asked for this investigation herself.

“Facts speak for themselves: If what Melvin Theuma states is true, Judge Mizzi has shown that he was not influenced at all by Keith Schembri in his giving judgement on bail as regards the alleged assassins of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“If what Melvin Theuma states is true, then Judge Mizzi would only be guilty of a venial sin, that of not having informed the President of the commission for justice of having been approached by Keith Schembri.

“If, however, Melvin Theuma were lying, then Judge Mizzi would be certified, without any doubt that, not only was he totally correct and impartial (as he was) when giving out his decision, but he would also not be guilty of the venial sin mentioned above. It would be a totally clean sheet for the judge.

“If, however, Melvin Theuma were lying, then the conditions of his pardon are to be withdrawn and he would have to face the whole music for his part in the assassination.

“On the contrary, if Theuma were telling the truth, this would open up an enormous can of worms, with regards to the ease with which Joseph Muscat's right hand man, Keith Schembri, could access members of the judiciary and other men of power during the period of Joseph Muscat's premiership.

“Rather than resorting to insults, Ms Mizzi should be thankful that the Investigation I requested will hopefully clear the air on all this and not let Judge Mizzi's reputation of honesty be shrouded in any doubt.”


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