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Belair Property... Another year of being Different and its only getting better during 2020!

Thursday, 20 February 2020, 09:26 Last update: about 4 months ago

During the last week of January, Belair Property held its annual Belair Property Conference at the Corinthia Marina Hotel, for all its Sales, Letting & Commercial Property Consultants, as well as all the administration team and support staff.

As is custom every year, during this event Belair Operations & Management updated the team on what they have been working on behind the scenes over recent months and what will be launched to the team and clients in the upcoming year. Of particular interest this year was the 'Belair Property App' that management have invested heavily into over the last year, which was launched to all Belair agents during this event. This 'Belair Property App' is an internal tool that was designed to give all Belair agents direct access to key info on the property database, as well as direct access to owners and google map location to the particular property, all from their mobile phone. Furthermore management also ran the team through the new and completely revamped website which is now live and undergoing it's final tweaks, before being officially launched in the coming weeks.


A stimulating 45-minute presentation by Dr. Gege Gatt from EBO, who have teamed up with Belair Property on an 'Artificial Intelligence' project, as well as a presentation by Diligex who oversee all Belair AML and CDD obligations, were also part of the agenda for the day.

Finally, JUGS Malta stepped in to entertain the team with some fantastic team building and creative games, down by the waterfront in St.George's bay. The weather was perfect for this and the sea air was a perfect ingredient to get the team engaged and motivated.

The informative and uplifting day ended with the 2019 performance and results, as well as an awards presentation to the top performers and contributors. The incredible team spirit, as well as unique character of the Belair team was undoubtedly what stood out across all areas of the event and a definite contributor to last year's performance.  




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