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25% of Maltese people are obese – NSO

Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 14:41 Last update: about 5 years ago

The National Statistics Office has released an infographic which shows that 25.5% of Maltese people are obese, much higher than the EU average of 14.9%.

The inforgraphic was issued to mark Anti-Obesity Day 2020.

The statistics showed that 36.3% of Maltese are considered to be pre-obese, that 35.4% are normal weight and 2.9% are underweight. Whilst, in Europe 36.3% are pre-obese, 45.4% are normal and 3.3% are underweight.

The statistics further shows the weight type by gender. 23.4% of women are obese, 31.7% are pre-obese and 44.9% are normal, out of which 3.9% are underweight. In comparison, more men are obese (27.5%), while 40.8% are pre-obese and 31.7% are normal weight (of which 1.9% are underweight).


The NSO provided a different breakdown of statistics as well, relating educational attainment level.

30.1% of people who attended education up to form 3 are obese, whilst 1.8% of them are underweight. The majority of such percentages changed when it came to people who had attended tertiary education because the percentage of obese people decreased down to 19.8%, whilst the percentage of underweight people with tertiary education increased to 3.8%.



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