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‘Noti mal-fanal’

Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 09:30 Last update: about 2 months ago

A critical study of 20 poems from ‘Mal-fanal hemm harstek tixghel’

The new syllabus for Maltese at Advanced level includes 20 poems by Oliver Friggieri contained in his anthology Mal-fanal hemm ħarstek tixgħel. Accordingly, Merlin Publishers' bestselling series of study notes, written by David Aloisio - a series that includes Poeżija 3D, Il-Frustier and Ħoloq, has a new addition: Noti mal-fanal.

This critical study is intended to help students and lecturers who are working on Friggieri's poems while preparing for the Maltese Advanced level exam, but is also a crucial analytical tool for anyone wishing to sharpen their poetry literary appreciation skills with special reference to Friggieri, one of the most prominent poets in the Maltese literary scene. The 20 poems examined in this book may be found in the anthology Mal-fanal hemm ħarstek tixgħel.


As the author explained: "This study guide will help students by providing an additional interpretation of each selected poem, ideally after they had already studied the poems independently or together with their lecturers. It is then left completely up to the students themselves to write a literary essay analysing the poems according to the theme requested of them."

The book's first section introduces Friggieri the poet, by analysing his special writing style. The second section offers a detailed analysis of each of the selected poems, while the third section of the book includes examples of literary essay titles.

In the final section of this critical study, Friggieri's poetry is examined within the wider context of the history of Maltese literature.

The book also contains a glossary of literary terms used in the study guide.

Noti mal-fanal is an essential study tool for all students preparing for their Maltese Advanced level examination.

'Noti mal-fanal' is available for sale from all bookshops and online directly from


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