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The best ever Mdina Biennale launch that never was

Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 09:44 Last update: about 5 years ago
Toni Pace  - Metal sculptures
Toni Pace - Metal sculptures

An immersive environment bathed in the light of film and shadows encapsulated the emptiness of the harsh silence filled with the totality of 30 artistsphysically absent but spiritually present, was prepared by Ina Loitzl (Austria), James Alec Hardy (UK), Sabine Groschup (Austria), Thomas C. Chung (Australia), Angelina Voskopoulos (Greece), Michael von Cube (Germany), Lena Lapschina (Russia/Austria), Victor Agius (Malta), Andreas Mares (Austria), Andrew Hancock (UK), Seishi Irikawa (Japan/Austria), Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch (Austria), Yael Serlin (Israel), Yaniv Kuris (Israel), Nicola Arkell (UK), George Kiesewalter (Russia), Darren Tanti (Malta), Astarti Athanasiadou (Greece), Martina Tscherni (Austria), Irena Paskali (Macedonia), Roderick Camilleri (Malta), Kian Ming Tan (Malaysia), Brigitte Stepputtis (Germany/UK), Phil Dobson (UK), Bozica Milojevic (Serbia), Christiane Spatt (Austria), Umberto Buttigieg (Malta), Pyt Farrugia (Malta), Alina Aldea (Romania), Tony Cassar (Malta), Alberto Favaro (Italy) and Toni Pace (Malta), a loud silence filmed by Sam Chetcuti/Cyberspace to be distributed and shared.

In spite of the closure of the Mdina Cathedral Museum, a very modest but joyful get together was impromptu organised to salute the beautiful works. In the presence of all and of Prof Keith Sciberras of the Art and Art History Department, the works became alive, admonishing all in pure silence.

Photography by Elisa von Brockdorff. Photo credit: APS Mdina Biennale

Michael von Cube -

Sabine Groschup - Guten Morgen Madam Mona

Andreas Mares - Zugvogel

Andrew Hancock - The Oracle of Our Species (Temple to the Unseen Artist)

Alberto Favaro - The Fifth Day... (the creation of animals according to Genesis)

Nicola Arkell Reed - The Busy Bee Has No Time For Sorrow 

George Kiesewalter - Glory to God, Glory to Allah, Glory to Buddha... The artists is not your Saviour. Use your own brain!

Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch - Terra Coleoptera

Darren Tanti - Forgive Us, For We Have Misunderstood


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