The Malta Independent 30 May 2020, Saturday

People confused of who the real PM of Malta is – Adrian Delia

Saturday, 9 May 2020, 13:16 Last update: about 20 days ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said today that people are confused about whom the real Prime Minister of Malta, seeing that former premier Joseph Muscat is being consulted on the way forward in the wake of the Coronavirus effect on the economy.

Replying to questions on the party media, Delia said that he believes that it is not a question of Prime Minister Robert Abela seeking consultation, but of who to consult.


He said Muscat had stepped down because his office had been linked to a murder and there had also been allegations of corruption, which have still not been addressed.

“There are people who are asking who the real Prime Minister of our country is and this question is justifiable. In the few months that Robert Abela has been PM, he has limited his public activity and during his interventions on public health he spoke in a different tone from that of the health authorities.”

Delia said it is troubling to see Abela having to turn to Muscat, especially when Malta is under so much scrutiny from a number of international bodies who want a clear sign that things are going to be handled differently after Muscat’s resignation.

He was also asked about his comments on the government's economic measures as being reactive and selective.

"I have always shown appreciation when the government did the right thing during this pandemic. However, there are still 100,000 people who still worried about their jobs. It is useless to tell them that about the benefits and the good the government is doing when they have no guarantee that they will be able to survive another day," he said.

He said that the government is not there to balance the account of a company or country but to ascertain the quality of life of its people. For this reason, there needs to be a sharing of burden and responsibility across the whole country.

The way the migration issue is being handled was also addressed. "We have had a government that has allowed so many migrants to come into our country to be used for cheap labour and now we are facing overpopulation. The government’s plan to better the economy by getting more foreigners has put us off balance now due to the situation the economy finds itself in now,” he said.

Another controversial topic which was discussed was decision of a lawyer who was, until recently, employed at the office of the Attorney General to join Yorgen Fenech's legal team. "This is a testament to the laissez-faire attitude we have in this country."


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