The Malta Independent 30 May 2020, Saturday

Hairdressers and beauty professionals might have to increase prices due to extra costs

Giulia Magri Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 08:05 Last update: about 9 days ago

Hairdressers and beauticians will be facing a number of problems once they begin working again, and the chances are that the prices for their services will need to be increased, Marcia Gauci, representing the Federation of Hair and Beauty, told The Malta Independent.

“Whilst it is not the time to add extra costs for clients, as there are financial difficulties in general, hair and beauty professionals are facing extra costs with no form of aid or funding to help them with extra costs.”


Gauci said the additional need for personal protective equipment, introduction of sanitizers, forehead thermometers and Perspex barriers are all an extra expense for beauty salons and hairdressers.

Hairdressers and beauticians will be allowed to operate as from Friday after the government eased restrictions related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

But the enthusiasm for the reopening was quickly dampened as the operators will need to heavily adjust to new ways that will also come into force once the services resume.

There will be restrictions to client entry, and in between services the place needs to be cleaned and sanitised, which takes time and costs money.

Because of all this, some hairdressers and beauticians might have to increase their prices.

“We have received numerous complaints and messages of confusion regarding the new policies,” Gauci said. “The messages haven’t stopped.”

The Federation found most of the policies straightforward; however, there were a few which need much more explanation, pointed out Gauci.

Most salons are so small in size that they do not have a proper reception area, so what do these salons need to do with regards to the use of Perspex, given that there is such a requirement for their installation in such areas in the issued guidelines?

“Is the use of Perspex between workstations to be enforced or are these to be installed only if the salon does not cater for a two-metre distance between workstations?”

There is also uncertainty regarding the use of hand-held dryers; whilst the government does not recommend the use of them, what does happen if they are used? “Hand-held dryers are an important tool in the hairdressing sector, and are frequently required during some hair-colour treatments.”

The Federation of Hair and Beauty has also wished for more details regarding the type of beauty treatments that can and cannot be given. Under the heading of foot treatments, she highlighted that some clients will need to remove their shoes for treatment, but said that the regulation is unclear as to whether this is meant just for people undergoing foot treatment or all clients at the time.

On Tuesday, hairdressers were also deeply concerned about tests that needed to be carried out on the water used on their premises, with the government later providing a clarification that eased their worries.


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