The Malta Independent 30 May 2020, Saturday

Labour Party… like clouds that darken the country

Ivan Bartolo Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 06:41 Last update: about 9 days ago

The search for power leads to abuse and injustice.

A sense of citizenship is formed in politics where the citizen feels that he or she can move forward, not thanks to his or her favourite candidate who was strongly elected, nor because he or she spoke publicly about a video during the peak of the electoral campaign, but because he or she worked for it and by right. This is the Malta that I want to see!


With reference to Parliamentary Question (PQ13755) asked by my colleague Claudette Buttigieg with regard to any direct orders by the Ministry for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government, it emerged that €13.5m were given to several individuals and companies in three years. None of the taxpayers know what they were paid for or what services were rendered with these funds.

However, 15,000 Maltese do not live with the basics that everyone should have, such as a washing machine or a colour television. Fifty-one per cent of single-parent families are at risk of poverty; 15.8% of those aged 1864 are at risk of poverty. The percentage increases to 27% for those aged 65 and over.

These numbers are far too large when compared to the population. Meanwhile, the Labour government has forgotten those in need and those people not managing to live in a decent manner. No wonder everyone is organising food banks, and helping with the shopping and distribution of hot meals. But the important thing is that we filled St George’s Square with thousands of flowers costing us thousands of euros, and that we were reassured that these flowers will be distributed to local councils to further beautify our environment. What a joke!

The mistakes and all the scandals under Joseph Muscat’s government, like shadows, continue to haunt the corridors of Castile and various ministries to this day. The winning message of the Labour Party built on meritocracy, on the capabilities of the individual and what they really deserve has never materialized. Meanwhile, those who spoke or appeared on some PL billboard redeemed their gift in one way or another.

Those who still hoped for meritocracy still remember vividly what findings the journalists produced with regard to the Panama Papers, and that Keith Schembri has been mentioned in court hearings related to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The pot continues to overflow with more stories like that of 17 Black, the one about Żonqor’s land for the supposedly American university and the handing over of the land where ITS was situated to the DB. The pot continues to be seasoned further with the role of Neville Gafa on a supposedly humanitarian mission. Story after story about the latter, but let the courts do their job. I believe nothing remains in the dark.

When politics does not become a service for the common good, politics in this case becomes an oppression where the idea that man is the recipient of politics, is set aside.

Not only that... even the country starts going downhill, where the country would have failed all those who tried their best and did not make it. We could bid goodbye to our service for others, except for those who are the chosen few. Corruption starts sprouting and flourishing – divide and share; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. There are those who stand firm and know their rights and fight for them. On the contrary, there are those who cut back, become depressed, all because of the injustices committed by those politicians who have not seen the whole picture.

Personal incompetence, arrogance, misuse of public funds for personal gain or for the chosen few, interference in the work of the institutions, all detract from the credibility of politicians. Despite the kind words, many citizens do not trust politicians anymore and tell you that they are no longer interested in politics because some members have disappointed them. Even more so if the latter, have taken or stolen their and their family’s vote.

In my opinion, this is a condemnable act. Rest assured that good politicians who left everything behind just to be of service to the people also exist. Voting is a right and a duty, and with your vote you can fight institutionalized corruption by rejecting corrupt politicians and supporting the most honest.

Actions speak louder than words! The values and principles that the Labour Party projected and the claim that we are all Maltese brothers and sisters was just a farce. Let us achieve social mobility, equality, social justice and true unity. The Nationalist Party is working on concrete proposals related to these topics and more. Meanwhile, the Labour Party cannot be of an example in our eyes. They have no moral authority. They are like a teacher who cannot read and write. They are like clouds... when set aside, the day will be much brighter! This is the Malta that I want to see!

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