The Malta Independent 12 August 2020, Wednesday

Covid-19 second wave has hit; Malta could end up with ‘worst statistics in Med’ - MAM, UHM

Thursday, 21 May 2020, 13:33 Last update: about 4 months ago

The Medical Association of Malta, The UHM Voice of the Workers, representing frontline health care workers, said the second wave of Coronavirus has hit Malta, which could soon end up with the "worst new cases statistics in Mediterranean."

In a statement, MAM and UHM said they took note of the increase of new cases recently.  Unfortunately, today with 15 new cases, "a second wave of Covid-19 Virus infections is with us and needs to be dealt with immediately and effectively".


Malta, with a high number of new cases and a trend which is on the increase, may soon end up with the worst new cases statistics in the Mediterranean and other tourist destinations. 15 cases in Malta are equivalent to 2,000 cases in Italy when in fact there were just over 600.

To reverse the trend, the MAM, UHM Voice of the Workers appeal to all interested parties to intensify their efforts to promote more discipline, more information, and compliance with social distancing and other hygienic measures as emphasised publicly by experts in Public Health.

Furthermore the organisations appeal to the government to postpone the measures to be introduced on Friday by two weeks, so as to be able to reverse the trend before their introduction. A timely intervention is necessary to prevent a second wave which might have serious consequences for the health of the Maltese people, especially frontline health care workers and to the economy.


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