The Malta Independent 14 July 2020, Tuesday

We must remove the government’s propaganda from newspapers and read reality - Delia

Sunday, 14 June 2020, 12:51 Last update: about 29 days ago

"It is time we remove the government's propaganda wrapped around our newspapers and read the truth of what is happening on our islands," the leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia said.

"We see the government using the public's money to wrap up the truth on newspapers and to control the media. The government is desperate to gain more control and instead of showing the reality, they try to wrap up the truth with something beautiful, but the Nationalist Party will not allow that to happen as we will continue to shout the truth and when people buy our newspapers they will understand the truth and share the party's message."


Delia was speaking during an interview on Net TV, where he highlighted the Nationalist Party's restructuring and updating of its statute. "We are a party which cares about the truth and we believe that our message must come out stronger, that we are transparent and honest and are there for the people," he said.

He said that the Nationalist Party is going through a reform not to change the Party's beliefs but to have a stronger message of solidarity. He explained that throughout numerous committee meetings and discussions, the party has listened to everyone and took in all forms of criticism.

"I was extremely emotional at a point because I saw how much love these people have for the party." He expressed that there are people who have showed their respect and love towards the party, even at times when the party ignored them or did not do enough for them.

"We want to reflect this love in our statute; we want to show honesty and transparency to our members and to the people. We want to give space for people to participate and to have a voice in forming the Nationalist Party, because the individual is what the party is based on." He said that as a political party, they are there to serve to the people, to give their all and provide opportunities for others to move up or improve their situation.

Speaking about the Labour government, Delia said that the government has 'dirtied politics' and is full of corruption. "Because of this, there are people who are fed up of politics and we are here to tell the younger generation, those who have love for their country, to come to the Nationalist Party and work to stop the corruption of the country." He said that those who have the energy and love should come forward to the party to fight against corruption.

"This virus reminds us of a previous one; the Black Death. After this period of darkness came the Renaissance; the re-birth of politics, culture, creativity; a rebirth which changed Europe and the world. I believe that the Nationalist Party can do the same; we are encouraging our youth to come together to change, to revolutionise our politics."

Delia asked why Prime Minister Robert Abela is not removing those who are linked in corruption and are in politics. "Is it because our Prime Minister has his hands tied? That he cannot take his own decisions because he is controlled. Is it because his consultants won't let him make certain decisions? Regarding the decision to boycott the grilling of the Police Commissioner, Delia said that the Prime Minister has already made the decision of who is to be Police Commissioner and he said that the government continues to abuse the laws.

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