The Malta Independent 9 August 2020, Sunday

Daphne has not passed away!

Sunday, 28 June 2020, 10:11 Last update: about 2 months ago

It may serve as little consolation to the family, however, perhaps through some mystical power, surely supported by her investigative work records and her family's determined and strong commitment for righteousness, slowly but surely Daphne's truth is prevailing - she lives on.

The main beneficiary of her work is turning out to be Malta - as a nation.

I must say, I had never been an ardent supporter of her blog and writings, often motivated by an evident personal agenda and destructive leanings towards select elements of the Nationalist Party. However, DCG will be permanently ingrained in the vivid pages of Malta's history for posterity, who will judge her with overall respect.


She stopped writing; however, her spirit lives on unrestrained.

She is setting herself among the very top echelons of Malta's historic personalities - gaining international repute and recognition in the process - and helping in Malta's difficult, turbulent road to true democracy and social justice.

In the process she succeeds to convert her image from a relative rompi scatole into one of a heroic "Jeanne d'Arc".

As usual, opportunists of all political breeds and colours are jumping on the bandwagon to grab unjustified brownie points or to cover their muddy tracks, causing further chaos and pains to unrelated social and business sectors, not to mention Malta's economy and international standing. However, in the end the positive achievements belong to her and her alone.

In the arduous path towards JUSTICE and the fight against selective citizen impunity and abuse, several top politicians, police high-ranking officers, "top-notch" (corrupt) businessmen and a trail of others continue to tumble off their golden seats of power into abysmal depths normally reserved for murderers, thieves, fraudsters and law-breakers of the highest levels. Most of all she continues to expose their gross transgression and misconduct towards Malta and the Maltese.

Hopefully these criminals will ALSO be made to bear the consequences of their actions by being compelled to refund Malta's losses, financial and otherwise, through all means. Malta's institutions must not continue to allow them further impunity, laissez-faire, superiority over us citizens, and abuse, particularly low-income families, pensioners and the poor.

Our Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela, in tandem with a VERY select core of his "truly honourable" entourage must grab this do-or-die opportunity for straightening things out from the mess Malta has been led into by his own peers, some persisting in holding on to their seats, with severe negative repercussions for all concerned, particularly their own Labour Movement whose perception increasingly continues to be tied to corruption and abuse, among other things.  This, irrespective of popularity research survey results.

Robert Abela and the Labour Party must also keep well in mind the 100,000 voters not attending polling stations at the last elections - a force to be reckoned with should they all decide to take a walk to the polling booths.

The Prime Minister must choose his way cautiously, treading carefully through cobwebs and mine-infested terrain, studded with "friendly" and opposing snipers along the way. He will need more than the bullet-proof vest he wore in Libya to see him successfully through.

As citizens we must put aside any grey shades in his spate with "dirty" politics and give the man an opportunity to work and to prove himself in this do-or-die situation.

We don't have that many options, anyway.

Things appear to be fast moving in the right direction, albeit through some pressures from local groups and international fora, in particular the so-called European "Union" of sorts.

Dr Abela has been facing an unprecedented, extremely tough and rough road since taking over the reigns of government and the Labour Party. He must walk the talk with determination and in the best interests of Malta. In my opinion, he is doing it and delivering, not always to my liking, but YES generally in the right direction.

Criticism is much cheaper than the capabilities of providing a living for a resourceless, rocky island with 500,000 inhabitants spilling out of its shoreline and faced with possibilities of an economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Most regretfully, the Nationalist opposition groupings have been having it out among themselves to the extremes of irrelevance and cannot be relied on.

Returning to Daphne, she most certainly deserves Malta's highest-ranking decoration in appreciation of having caused a series of radical, long-awaited developments in Malta's rule of law, among a long list of other consequential and peripheral issues.

Malta will be a better country once this saga is over!

NO, Daphne has NOT passed away - she strives forward, faster, with more vigour than ever before and far healthier than the group of corruption-riddled criminals she is gradually shoving into the Court's docks with hopefully, a long spell in prison, insignificant and loathsome, "disgusting" mentions in future history annals.


Charles Anthony Falzon


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