The Malta Independent 4 August 2020, Tuesday

'Angry and hurt' Delia says he will not abandon PN, warns of action against dissenters

Neil Camilleri Thursday, 9 July 2020, 21:36 Last update: about 25 days ago

A “hurt and angered” Adrian Delia vowed on Thursday to stay on as party and Opposition Leader despite efforts by dissenting MPs to oust him.

In a Facebook post, Delia said he was angered by recent developments, as were many of his supporters, but said he will not give in.

“I am still the leader of the party and of the Opposition, for you,” he wrote.


Delia spoke about the difficult times the party is going through, which was “brought about by our own people.”

“I was elected as party leader so that together we could implement the New Way. I have tried many times to do this.” The ‘old ways’ fought back, he said, “but I am still here.”

“I cannot say that I was not hurt by the recent developments brought about by certain individuals and, like you, I am angered by this.”

The PN kept going thanks to its ability to bring people together, he said.

“To be clear, actions will be taken at the opportune moment and within the party’s structures. In the meantime, I remain open to all those in this group who are so far still part of the PN, so that we can discuss and reconcile.”

Delia said these people matter to him and to the party. “I will never give up. I will not abandon you or the party. Together we will overcome this obstacle and emerge stronger than ever,” he said.

In a televised address, Delia said the President told him that MPs Chris Said and Claudette Buttigieg had informed him that he had lost the trust of the majority of the parliamentary group.

“He asked me what my position was and said that, as required by law, he needs to start a process whereby he asks MPs whether this was true or not. I explained to him that, as PN leader, I decided to respect the mandate entrusted to me by the tesserati until the end of the legislature. The statute also says the leader should be the Opposition Leader.”

He also referred to article 90(2) of the Constitution, which says that the Opposition Leader should be the leader of the largest party in opposition. If the President removes the Opposition Leader, he would have to act according to this article, he said.

“This is a very particular and difficult moment, a period where the country is going through difficulties. Every MP who goes to the President has to shoulder a huge responsibility … they have to decide whether they want to remove the Opposition Leader and they have to understand that they cannot change the party leader.”

“While there were reports that Therese Comodini Cachia has been proposed as Opposition Leader, I still have that role. I know what my responsibilities are and I will see my mandate through,” he said.

“I will never betray the tesserati and I will not betray the PN during these difficult times. While I will carry my share of the responsibility, I appeal to you to unite with the party in its fight against corruption. This is a time when we should be working together. I am convinced that true nationalists will remain behind the party.”

“Do not give up,” he appealed. “This is not the time for internal fighting. Our adversary is the criminality that has taken over the government. Do what is right for this country to be led in a better way.”


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