The Malta Independent 4 August 2020, Tuesday

From beyond the grave…

Ivan Bartolo Thursday, 9 July 2020, 07:02 Last update: about 26 days ago

… assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia managed to bring down nearly all those people whom she tried to expose in relation to corrupt dealings. Those charged with the assassination thought that they were going to silence her once and for all, but it backfired as there was a backlash. Because of this there was even a change in premiership.

A few days ago, former Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, now a backbencher, cited breach of Parliamentary privilege against my colleague Dr Jason Azzopardi for accusations levelled against him. I am not entering the merit of the case as there is a ruling by the speaker. I brought this up, however, because in his rebuttal he said that under his tenure he is the only Prime Minister that a major assassination was solved. He is not entirely correct. People were arrested and arraigned in court, but it does not mean that the case was solved. A case will be solved when all parties to the case are brought to justice and the judicial process takes its course.  Hence the case will be closed.


Colleagues of mine, members of the Nationalist Party in the Opposition, were called all sorts of adjectives, ridiculed and even lost an election because they tried to expose, together with Daphne and other independent media outlets, the Government’s illicit dealings. How right they were to do so. Some people within Labour Government under the former Prime Minister thought they were untouchables and were under the impression that the law would not catch up with them. Thanks to the perseverance of my colleagues and sadly enough Daphne had to sacrifice her life for the truth to prevail.

Everyday we are learning something new. Never a dull moment! From the Panama companies, to the Electrogas power station. From the Vitals hospital deals to the wind farms in Montenegro. Many of the information we know is known because it was sworn under oath and exposed in court through witness testimonies in relation to both the compilation of evidence in the mastermind’s case as well as the public inquiry in relation to the assassination.

I would like to bring up a similitude. Monday 15 October 1979, when the building of the Times of Malta was burnt down and the house of the then leader of the Opposition Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, was broken into, ransacked and his family attacked was the beginning of the downfall of the then Labour Government. It seems that Monday 16 October 2017, the date Daphne was assassinated atrociously, was the beginning of the downfall of the current Government.

Keith Schembri resigned as chief of staff, subsequently Joseph Muscat resigned as Prime Minister, Chris Cardona resigned as member of parliament and deputy leader of the Labour Party, Konrad Mizzi resigned as Minister and was recently booted out as Labour member of parliament, albeit he can remain in the house as an independent MP. The former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar also resigned. The question is who next? What will be the outcome?

Keeping the government accountable is what we will keep on doing. Justice will be done and seen to be done even though it might seem painstaking.

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