The Malta Independent 15 August 2020, Saturday

Orange is the new black

Rachel Borg Saturday, 11 July 2020, 08:22 Last update: about 2 months ago

It is now becoming uncomfortably obvious that the governing political regime in Malta is a product of underhand, benign and not so benign illicit dealings and run on a pattern of intimidation and cover-ups that are built on lies and false security.

The complete lack of deference to authority, to good morals and education, to experience and to the culture of holding a good reputation and good office, is driving the whole fibre of the nation into a frenzy of wild and fancy whims, seen today, gone tomorrow.  Everybody has taken the liberty of giving their own interpretation on events and issues, whether to do with the law or personal transgressions and expect us all to accept their word as the trusted version.   It has taken centuries of academics, intelligentsia, culturalists, sovereignty and independence to establish a system of government but it seems that this was just bog roll to some who claim to know better.


Enough with this childish and fictitious brawl of words and statements.

Whether the persons of interest like it or not, whether they agree or not or want with all their conviction to convince us otherwise, we are not a bunch of sheep following behind their master’s voice. 

This has now become a pattern, where someone found to have gone foul of treachery, treason, misappropriation of national funds, unethical contracts and the right to govern simply peddles their own interpretation, their own version, a complete denial of wrongdoing and a challenge in the way that a duel used to be called in medieval days.

We are in the 21st century and by now, civil society has established a way to govern that is supposed to serve, be open, democratic and accountable.  There are laws and courts of justice to decide on what is wrong and what is right.  But all these principles have become arbitrary and are tossed about at the whim of anyone who had access to protection, to bribery and to opportunity.  The irony now is that the ones who are defending themselves against allegations and charges, are pointing fingers at others and starting a blame game.


The trend has been picked up as well by Dr Adrian Delia, who kept on bringing rabbits out of the hat with denials, hedging, and when nothing seemed to stick, calling on the police to investigate the provenance of the unscrupulous emails.  When it came to the no confidence vote in his leadership, which he lost by 19 votes to 11 (himself included), he plunged into the football mentality and kicked around on the pitch trying to say that winning a place on the team was equivalent to winning the Premier League and gave him automatic right to stay on, no matter how close relegation is.  There may have been a few good passes.  There may be those who place all their faith in him like Pogba with Manchester United by if the fans do not like you and you fail to score any goals, it’s time to listen up and give the team a chance of replacing you with a better player whilst the opposing teams keep racking up the wins and saying how good you are.

Another one to fall into this rigmarole is Robert Abela who jumps from one hob to another depending on what’s in the saucepan.  So now we must separate Vitals from Steward as though you can make a fenkata by removing the rabbit from the sauce.  Or we can absolve Joseph Muscat but not Konrad Mizzi.  What is he doing?  Trying to match his tie to his socks?

Naturally, Joseph Muscat is the principle fibber who can invite whoever he wants to his party, accept his extravagant gifts and say that we have the wrong perception. 

Where is the responsibility?  The ability to admit fault and make amends to those who have been robbed, killed, cheated?  There can be no progress in this country if we carry on with this infantile charade.  No one should have special privilege to interpret the law as they choose.  They have a right to a lawyer who can make the case for them but they are not ever above the law.

Nor above the party.  The party is not a personality but that personality is essential to the failure or success of the party and should always keep that in front of their mind.  Joseph Muscat thinks he has paid the ultimate price already by resigning from Prime Minister.  No, Sir, you did not.  It was either you or the party.  If they thought you were as blameless as you say, then the whole party should have gone with you.  You tried that once already with the early election of 2017.  You could not play that game again. 

The brainwashing has been going on for so long now, with the party machine driving it home on a daily basis that it will be difficult to re-emerge as a free-thinking and independent country again.  The tools are basic and primitive, a horse pulling a plough, an axe and a digger to convert a warehouse into a villa.  You may be seeing a warehouse stacked with dirty tires and leaking drums of oil but we must accept that it is actually a villa we are seeing, that has been built for the good of the country with all the permits in order.  The swimming pool may or may not be there.

It has become an art form at which the guilty excel.  The tragedy is that not only do they think that all the sheep are believing them but that even the international organisations and opinion do too.  So, we are told that we will achieve top marks with the Moneyval test, we will have squeaky clean laws, we will put the good of the country and people first and we will be immune to contracting coronavirus because we have a good health certificate.  We are not fat and we have fantastic fireworks.  No evidence can show that money laundering has been taking place or that suspicious persons have obtained citizenship.  There has never been any plot at the highest level of government to eliminate an adversary.  That best friends forever rules and share and share alike is not subject to any scrutiny. 

As things stand, the Prime Minister Robert Abela is the keeper of our country and the job falls on him to stop treating us like sheep and instruct those around him to stop glorifying the Labour party and mis-rule above all else.

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