The Malta Independent 4 August 2020, Tuesday

We all need a fresh start, together

Timothy Alden Sunday, 12 July 2020, 08:36 Last update: about 24 days ago

This is a stressful time for everyone. I do not wish harm upon my competition, and I hope there is a way for them to resolve their issues in a way which leads to a better country.

It is my opinion, as the Leader of PD, that the solution to the country's problems depends upon a realisation by the two major parties that the only way for the country to get out of this mess is by bringing the tribal war that they have waged upon each other to an end.


In mainstream European democracies, politics is less tribal. People change their minds and parties rise and they fall. Change is healthy and inevitable.

In Malta, the stakes could not be higher at election time. Depending on who gets elected, resources are allocated and the people on the losing side become second class citizens.

The way forward, therefore, is to take up the following offer:

Work with the Third Party for genuine, lasting reform that will lead to a fair, even playing field. Use the Third Party as the mediating force - as the place where Nationalists and Labourites come together to seek common solutions, leaving their grudges and hatreds at the door.

I leave this open invitation to everyone of good will - give us a mandate. Empower us with your faith and your trust. Share our vision. In doing so, the two parties will listen. Once they listen, we will help create a democracy that is fair and just - for all. We will do so via a coalition government. In a coalition government, we will hold our partners to account. It will be our duty to act as the watchdog.

I wish you all the best. This is a difficult time. Have courage, and stand strong and resolute. Do not join the mudslinging. Step outside of it. Leave it behind. There is a better path.

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