The Malta Independent 4 August 2020, Tuesday

Seeking common solutions

Timothy Alden Sunday, 26 July 2020, 08:45 Last update: about 9 days ago

The past few years in our country have been defined by the disintegration of our social fabric. Trust in our institutions, in the Police and even in the media has been put to the test. The Opposition in turn continues to fragment. To restore some sanity to the national picture, it is necessary for people of good-will to come together and work together to find solutions and common ground. It is also imperative that our voices be joined to call for the right solutions.


As Melvin Theuma lies in hospital due to a supposed suicide attempt, it is difficult to take the word of our authorities that there was no foul play. It is in this climate that there are repeated calls for foreign influence in investigations to increase; such as through a Europol Joint Investigation Team. This is one topic that everyone should find agreement on - if Melvin Theuma dies of his injuries in the current political environment, then the social fabric of our country will be put under even more tremendous strain. Trust can begin to be re-established with the reassuring presence of reliable and impartial arbitrators and investigators. Justice must not only be done - it must be seen to be done.

Beyond this, the search for common ground is exemplified by the AD/PD merger negotiations. It is time to overcome superficial differences rather than look for excuses to fight. On a national level, we will be taught lesson that tribalism will only lead to hardship for all, and even has economic consequences. Until we mature past this stage in our country's history, we will forever we undermining ourselves. When the full force of climate change begins to hit the world, all our old paradigms will be further turned upside down. If we are not all ready to pull the same rope by then, there will not be a Malta or Gozo left to fight over.

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